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DDOGamer Does Favor

Chapter 1: What Favor is and how it works
Chapter 2: Faction Favor rewards, ranked by usefulness
Chapter 3: Total Account Favor and Turbine Points

So far we’ve covered the ways that one can earn favor on one character, and the rewards available to characters who acquire favor from specific DDO factions. But there are two kinds of favor left to discuss. Total Favor, and First-Time Favor.

All of the favor earned by each character on a server is rolled up into an accumulated total called “Total Favor”. Not an imaginative name, but it is at least descriptive.

The total favor you earn for the first time on each server counts towards a special subset of total favor called “First-Time Favor”. Please note that I just made that name up, I don’t think anyone has ever really given it a specific name, but regardless, we need a way to refer to it in this article and now we have one.

You can track your favor per faction on the Patron screen. Your Total favor for a character is also shown on the same screen, at the very bottom. There is no way to track your First-time favor, unless you are only running one character on a brand new server in which case your First-time favor will be the same as your Total favor.

Total Favor Rewards

To cash these in, visit Nyx Durandimion, Drow Elder. He can be found in the Harbor, east of the mailbox, near where the jump ramp begins during Risia Ice Festivals.

Nyx Durandimion

  • 400: unlocks the Drow race
  • 1000: allows all your new characters to begin at 4th level
  • 1750: unlocks 32-point builds, and gives you a +2 tome (BtC) of your choice
  • 2500: unlocks the Favored Soul class
  • 3000: allows all your new characters to begin at 7th level
  • 5000: a +5 tome (BtC) of your choice

The next level is 5000 but is currently not attainable [Edit] 2014: it is now, and you get a +5 tome for doing so.

All of these rewards work only on the server where they were earned. So, unlocking Drow on Sarlona does not do anything on Argonessen where you will have to unlock Drow all over again.

Every hundred points of Total favor will also earn you 25 Turbine Points (TP). So if you do reach 3000 Total favor, you will not only unlock everything available on that server, but you will also earn 750 TP.

Turbine Points earned through favor work just as if you bought them with cash; they apply to your whole account and can be spent on any character, on any server

First-Time Favor Rewards

These rewards are in addition to the regular Total favor rewards, but can only be earned once on each server.

  • 5: 50 TP
  • 25 :25 TP
  • 50: 25 TP
  • 500: 50 TP
  • 1000: 100 TP
  • 2000: 100 TP
  • 3000: 100 TP
  • 4000: 100 TP
  • 5000: 100 TP

Very nice. So nice, people have been known to create a character on every server and run them up to 100 favor just to earn the TP. There are several forum threads about this, including a particularly helpful thread by EllisDee37 that I used as the basis of the above chart.

Delete or Reincarnate: making DDO truly free-to-play

If you delete or Reincarnate your character, you lose all of your character faction favor and lose that character’s Total favor. But you retain anything you have unlocked on that server using Total favor, including any TP.

So you can earn all that Total favor again, and earn the commensurate rewards again. Including the Turbine Point awards. Again.

You cannot earn the First-Time awards again, really that would be silly wouldn’t it? They are called “First-Time” for a reason. But still.

This ability to re-earn Turbine Points means that you can earn infinite TP for free, limited only by your time, ability, and desire to re-run content for favor.

It’s been done too. About a year after the game went Free-To-Play someone posted that they had unlocked every single thing in the game, for free. Sadly my Google Fu is not up to the task of finding that forum thread, I hope a reader will provide a link?

But the point is, yes, you can do it, and this is how.

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p.s. Thank you to my friend and fellow-blogger EvenNote, and to the DDO Wiki, both of which contributed information that I used in this post.

p.p.s. Here’s a link a to a handy list showing every quest in the game (as of this date anyway) and the favor rewards for each one.

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  1. Excellent write up Geoff very helpful for players new to the game or even to players who have been playing a while and still have questions about the favor system.

  2. you should probably add how much TP you can earn f2p your first life. Other than that great write-up.

  3. [TLDR: +1 Turbine; +1 Geoff]

    Not quite on topic, but, I think DDO has one of the better “F2P” systems.

    I play mostly F2P, but I throw money at the game now and then (including the DDO Market), technically that makes me Premium. I like the mentality of paying for something then owning it, if I spend US$50 on points and buy 10 adventure packs, I always have that content available to me πŸ™‚
    (I do wish one could share content purchased with TP, much like the codes in the DDO Market …)

    I used to have a good line here, um, DDO’s F2P system encourages you to spend money, rather than forces you to. Still, all power to those that have the willpower to never spend a dime!

    Back on topic, favour rewards are great, I like that they are varied; extra TP is great,

    I think every man and his companion (not pet) has written one of these guides, but I like to read Geoff’s posts all the same. Differing perspectives have value, I would hazard even Bob sometimes has something to add πŸ˜›

    P.S. I wish I could’ve bought an Onyx Panther with TP!!!

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