Nov 062012

#8: Beating a pumpkin-headed training dummy
Carving the Pumpkin

10. There are people in House Jorasco. No, really!

9. Battle-clericing!

8. Beating a pumkpin-headed training dummy

7. Sneaking your low-level character through Delera’s Graveyard to run a quest

6. Being “griefed” with pumpkin grenades

#6: Being griefed with pumpkin grenades
Being the pumpkin

5. Hundreds of Vampire Fangs but not one Lich Dust

4. Using a Draught of Night in the Catacombs series

3. The triumphant (yet short-lived) evil laughter of a vampire spawning nearby

2. Pumpkin Beholders

And the number one thing to like about the Mabar Festival:

1. The Epic Cloak of Night

Technically speaking, number 5 may not actually be something to like about Mabar … but it’s my list and I’ll put it there if I want!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Actually neither number 1 may not actually be something to like about Mabar, but as you pointed out it is your list after all πŸ˜€ Also regarding number 4: it is useful if they also drop opals / skulls / fingers, but think that is not the case – please correct me if I am wrong since I have not tested it.

    On other things: picture with the Pumpkin Beholders or it didn’t happened πŸ™‚

  2. I went to the Sub last night, and the pumpkin beholders cracked me up!

  3. My favorite Pumpkin Beholder last year was the one at the end of Harbinger of Madness, when it starts off as a pumpkin and grows into a beholder.

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