Aug 082011

My favorite occurrances from the recently-concluded yet very successful GenCon 2011.

Top Ten Things That Happened At GenCon 2011

#10: Walking in for the first time and seeing the flood of gamers (and games!)

#9: True Dungeon

#8: The Rio Grande room: Play all their games, all for free, and sometimes they even feed you too

#7: The looks on the faces of a formal wedding party at the JW Marriott as they are swarmed by gamers

#6: The large statues: troll, beholder, Drizzt

#5: All the costumes!

#4: It is 2:00am and the streets are full of gamers. Safe, warm, fun, and did I mention safe?

#3: The Ball

#2: Friday night DDO party at Jillians featuring not one but two Turbinites attending on their own time

And the Number One Thing That Happened at GenCon 2011

Watching my girlfriend, worried and anxious about her first-ever gaming convention, thoroughly kicking ass in the single race Dragon Dice tournament.

So! Much! Fun!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Excellent! How’d your “nerd humor” t-shirt and ensemble play-out?

  2. Oh very distinctive! I am guessing there were less than 30000 people in the same outfit so I stood right out.

  3. Yep, definitely jealous. Mentioned to the wife that it would be nice to go one of these years, nobody has to come with me, I can handle it by myself, Indy is NOT far from where I live. Was that the sound of a lead balloon crashing???!

  4. Sweet. GenCon rules!

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