Feb 092011

Hipster Kitty is very excited about PAX East!

  1. GenCon is the premier Dungeons & Dragons convention
  1. DDO is about Dungeons & Dragons (see, there is a connection!)
  1. Gen Con Indy is the original, longest running, best attended, gaming convention in the world (*)
  1. PAX may closer but who needs all those hipsters anyway?
  1. You can use attendance as a reward(?) for hard working devs and mods
  1. 33,000 D&D players would have seen you if you’d been there last year
  1. Steiner-Davion promised free beer for Turbine employees at the Friday meetup (+)
  1. Resistance is Futile!
  1. The Halfling Commandos will be at GenCon 2011 (1)
  1. The first-ever GenCon was held in Gary Gygax’s basement

(*) from the GenCon website so it must be true
(?) or punishment!
(+) Okay that is just a lie … there will be beer but at full retail price
(1) Think how tall you will feel!

No one expects showy banners and boothbabes, although of course that would be nice! But even if all Turbine does is send a person or two to show up and meet us at the Friday night get-together, that would still be awesome!

What do you think?

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