Jan 082013

Top Ten Load Screen Tips
Or at least, Top Ten things that ought to be load screen tips.

Taken from DDOCast 265, but unlike yesterday’s article, this is largely my work. No blaming the Trents. They are innocent.

Top Ten Tips That Ought to be on Load Screens

10. Hitting monsters with a weapon is a good way to do damage to them

9. Rangers do a little damage from a big distance: with practice, you can keep your party meleers running in fruitless circles all night

8. Characters that cast spells are called Spellcasters

7. Please do not boast and berate other members of your party; that’s what General Chat is for

6. Using one big weapon in both hands is called Two-Handed Fighting. Using one weapon in each hand is called Two-Weapon Fighting. Using a shield is called Giving Up on DPS

5. Elminster is just like Gandalf except with less creativity and more of a mean streak

4. Wizards and Sorcerors cast Haste. Supposedly they have other uses too, or so people say

3. Rapiers are thin, dainty weapons that somehow do more damage than a broadsword

2. Open mics are especially useful to your group when you have a serious flu or head cold

And the number one tip that ought to be on a load screen:

1. Hit points are often helpful

What would you like to see on a load screen?

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  1. XD lol. 🙂 Mine: Running away is allowed.

  2. To quote Samius, Clerics will not heal you if they can not see you.

  3. Modifying my own quote, Clrs will not heal you, bring pots.

  4. Bards can sing songs to keep you entertained while you do all the work.

  5. Tip 999: It’s no pants tuesday!

  6. The cake is a lie

  7. The truth of the Broccoli Prophecy will be revealed in time.

  8. Tip 666: The bugs are here to stay. Get over it!

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