Nov 262012

Happy Beholder
Such a cheery beholder. Have a nice day!

Taking advantage of Turbine’s Epic experience point bonus, my Gamer Girl and I spend the last week running epic level characters exclusively.

It was the first time either of us had focused on levels 21+, the first time dabbling in Epic Destinies, and our first time through a lot of the Menace of the Underdark content.

Lots of lessens learned:

  • Epic Destinies are underwhelming until you get to the 4th, 5th and 6th tier abilities
  • The “Nether Scrolls” quests in update 16 are fun. Fun enough that we ran the whole series, enjoyed it, turned around and ran it again back-to-back to see what we missed. That kind of fun
  • The profusion of prefixes and suffixes on randomly-generated loot is quite confusing at the highest levels. Probably not really, it just seems that way because I am so used to the way things were, but I need to look into this and try to understand them. Right now, I am having difficulty just figuring out if any of them are better than my Epic Templar’s Justice. For that matter, is any of the new named loot better than my existing axes either? I can’t say. Yet
  • Not an epic thing, but we learned that uncovering all of the explorers in a wilderness area causes your map of the area to complete itself, and dispels the fog of war forever. My guildies are telling me this is not new but I only discovered it last week, and it is very cool
  • I wrote an entire article about this already, but it is so fun that it is worth mentioning again: the knockdown ability you get from Overwhelming Fury is just outstanding

Six-Man Shroud
All you need is six characters to beat the Shroud when they are 22+ level. Even if four of them are rogues

  • The Underdark vision glasses you get from Beli Bragason are totally worth using up your goggle slot while you are underground
  • Once you’ve maxed out an Epic Destiny and enjoyed that 6th tier, it is really hard to start all over again on a neighboring Destiny
  • The top level Shadowdancer ability, “Shadow Form” is pretty cool too, though of course not as awesome as Overwhelming Fury
  • Beholder and Mindflayer summonses from the Shard of Xoriat are able to hold their own even in CR24 quests on Hard. Flesh Renders too. The Shard is a very, very handy item to have
  • Epic Destinies can do weird things to your characters, like give my barbarian a 100-point mana bar but without any ability to spend those mana points

It was a fun week. But now Epic XP bonus fades, and the never-ending Completionist grind beckons/commands. Goodbye epic characters! Goodbye Epic Destinies! See you again soon.

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  1. Learn from me my completionest child, find some time to do “big kid stuff” once and a while. Even if it is just a few raids a month. People in my end game circles tried to forget my name, the dicks. πŸ™‚

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