Dec 042015

Top Ten DDO Wiki Articles

The other day, while on the DDOChat channel. Shoemaker tried to shame me into voting for someone in his Most Influential Wiki Editor forum thread poll. Literally. He actually said “shame on me” for not voting.

Except, how do I post a vote in a poll like that? I am not a part of the Wiki editing community so I have no idea who does what. And more, am I accidentally slighting someone by choosing someone else? How is that a good thing? I love the Wiki! Totally and thoroughly, like I love breathing! Like I love boobs!

Well not quite that much but still, I love the Wiki!

So instead of voting for someone, I would prefer a poll where we can pick our favorite topics. For instance, more than anything else, I find myself heading to the Wiki for:

  • The class pages, all of them
  • The enhancement pages, all of them
  • The crafting pages, especially Thunder-Forged crafting

Click destinationsBut that is just me. Fortunately I have an entire website full of data about how all of you use the Wiki, in the form of click-through statistics. That is, whenever one of you leaves by clicking something, I get a little hitch in my clicky giddyup. Like this one, to the right:

Note that DDO Wiki is the most popular click destination by far. More people have gone to the Wiki than have gone to the official Turbine DDO sites, combined.

Yes, we love the Wiki.

Here are the top ten Wiki pages you all have left to visit, in descending order:

  1. List of weapons with unusual attack or damage mods
  2. Past Life: Arcane Prodigy
  3. Anniversary Card Collection
  4. Envenomed Blade
  5. Glamered Armor
  6. Season’s Herald enhancements
  7. Stone of Change Recipes
  8. Caught in the Web
  9. Fingers the Fence
  10. Epic Fury of the Flame

This is not the same as the top ten most popular pages, because you can only click a link I’ve provided. Like the Epic Fury of the Flame. Is that a super-popular item? Or just one that I happen to have written about in a few relatively popular articles? No question about it, the latter is the obvious answer.

I would be curious to know the ten most popular Wiki pages. I’m certain that the stats exist, maybe an astute reader who has access to the Wiki innards will share them with us?

But regardless.

I strongly believe that the DDO Wiki is the single most important thing about DDO, other than the game itself. In fact, I imagine that without the Wiki, the game would most likely have died, the servers long ago shutdown.

Yes, the Wiki is that important.

So again, who is the “most influential Wiki editor”? I have no idea.

But I love them, every one of them. Without them this game would be hopeless, stumbling about in the blindness of ignorance, with no way to know who or what or why or even where.

Thank you all!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Hey, I’m on the list! *does a little jig*

  2. I’m going to guess that the home page is the most visited page on the Wiki.

  3. Ok but I’m still unsure about which format the wiki editors value most. A shame driven poll presented on the forums or what I take to be as an honest, up front excellently composed article like the one presented here? I know the answer is probably staring me in the eye but, oh so elusive. I give up.

    The Art of Troll: Coming soon to the Googleheim Mew’ Museum.

  4. This tells me that i need more DDo content, stat! WTF people DDoCocktailhour wasn’t even on the list!

  5. I’m pretty such that I’m the most important contributor.

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