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So much Named loot. So much.
This is only the tip of the named loot iceberg

I have a named loot problem.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, a brief backgrounder:

Items in DDO come in three main flavors.

  1. Most items are randomly generated; the program randomizes it just before you loot it
  2. Named items; not random, these items were designed by someone and have a chance of appearing in specifically designated chests
  3. Raid items; a special class of Named items that only drop in raids

Random items are never bound. Named items are sometimes not bound, but if they are bound they are Bound to Account. Raid items are almost always Bound to Character on Acquire, your characters have to loot each raid item for themselves, no sharing.

And thus the problem. Random loot is easy to disposition. There is a tiny, tiny chance that I want to keep it. There is an even tinier chance that I don’t want it for myself but can make money on it in the Auction House. But most likely I am going to crunch it down to essences in the crafting deconstructor. Problem solved.

Raid loot is easy too, I don’t get that much, and when I do it is because the looting character wants the item. On those rare occasions where I end up with raid loot that I don’t want, it is obvious that I won’t be using it and it gets sold immediately.

But Named loot is different. I can’t use it on the character that looted it … but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it on any character at all … if not now, maybe someday … or maybe my Gamer Girl could use it … or someone in my guild …

See? No longer an easy and obvious disposition. And one can occasionally benefit from just banking the stuff; now and then Turbine will change existing Named loot into something unexpectedly useful. Consider Ioun Stones, generally worthless vendor fodder until the Inspired Quarter came out. Suddenly certain Ioun Stones were among the most valuable items in the entire game. If you banked a Pale Lavender or Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone before Update 1 you are probably still plat-capped from the profits you made.

But that is pretty rare. Meanwhile, every piece of Named loot that you hoard takes up valuable inventory space whether or not it will ever be useful.

And that brings us full circle back to me and my problem. I have hoarded a lot of Named loot. A lot. It is clogging up my mule, all of my character’s banks, and is beginning to fill up my shared account bank.

I have so much. But I don’t want to part with any of it. It might be useful! Some of it is probably duplicated, it is so hard to tell without any sort of account-wide inventory management. Some of it is probably useful to one of my characters right now but I have it stashed and don’t know.

I am going to have to do a manual, time intensive, named loot inventory listing. And in case you are curious, doing so will be The Very Opposite Of Fun. Which is why I have been putting it off.

Nothing for it though, might as well just stop the whining and get on with it. And I will.


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I’m currently working on my 4th mule character on Sarlona for the same reason :-/

  2. “On those rare occasions where I end up with raid loot that I don’t want, it is obvious that I won’t be using it and it gets sold immediately.” – You say that like you never put anything up for roll :O

    Once you do your inventory Geoff you’ll find that you can probably get rid of a third of what you’ve banked. e.g. I see your mule there has two Nnicked Greatswords next to the Panther! Really? Do you NEED two Nicked Greatswords? Do you not have a random Level 2 elemental weapon with Festival Frost/Icy Burst? Of course you do! Keep one Knicked Greatsword for a character that could make use of the Shatter – maybe – and remove 50% of your Nicked Greatsword collection. Repeat process for everything else 🙂

  3. Karadon – the fact that I rarely have unwanted raid loot is exactly because I don’t loot it 🙂 but some things are unavoidable (I am looking at you ToD belts that everyone already has).

    And I hope you are correct about the inventory clean up effectiveness. Which I will do! Absolutely! I’m practically starting already! Any day now! ….

  4. One of the advantages of Permadeath is it limits my tendency to do this. Sublime does allow trading in a narrow 4-level range. Most permie guilds don’t even allow that (all loot treated like raid loot, trade in chest or sell to vendor). More gameplay time. Less inventory management. Huzzah!

  5. Ah, loot. Good for selling bank upgrades! On a serious note. I was just trading/giving away a few Drow Weapons the other day to people who were looking but could not find them, so that worked out well.

    The expansion introduced the Unbound Named item from the chest that Binds on Equip. I think that mechanic has definitely aided my tendency to horde in case someone needs to a great extent (less my trying to make a character that I won’t level up for ages to use it and more handing it to someone who wants it).

  6. Lol. I have a named loot problem too. I’m definitly a hoarder. I hoard so much stuff I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of it all, from those crappy water works items to my raid gear. 🙂

  7. Do I really want to ask about the named loot you encounter in real life?

  8. I could TOTALLY have written this post.

    I have a lot – I mean, seriously, A FREAKING LOT of stuff just because I “might” use it “someday.” There was the time Acanthia pulled a Mysterious Bauble (in a party of two, and the other person got one as well, or I’d’ve put it up for roll). She’s also got a Concentrated Elixir of Superior Mnemonic Enhancement and a Signet of the Shining Sun (’cause I had the comms and I wanted to see if it affected her healing ki – it doesn’t). None of that stuff does a light monk any good whatsoever, and it’s all BtC. Have I vendored it? Nope, it’s all clogging up her bank space while I plan a clonk life for her to justify keeping it.

    Tirae is going zombeh monk in her next life mostly because she looted a set of Nullification wraps of Superior Void Lore or something like that – can’t remember exactly. They’re just lootgen but the prefix and suffix are SO perfect together, which is kinda rare… but there is no build on earth who’d really get much use from them EXCEPT some sort of monk/PM multiclass.

    The thought of going through all my toons – even just my 10 Thelanis ones – and making a list of what I have on who is daunting, to say the least, and ranks right up there on the fun scale with spending several hours on Even turning in everything in her Huge Collectibles Bag… which is to say, not fun at all. But I need to do THAT, too.

  9. Ummmmm, hi….I don’t mean to be *that* guy, but I feel I must set the record straight on some misinformation, here (at least, if my understanding and experience with the game still holds true).

    1) Random items can be bound. I believe the end rewards for the individual quests from the Sharn Syndicate line are bound to account and are indistinguishable from random items (their enchantments seem to be static, but Cannith crafting accepts them). Also, any end reward that gives bound named items but also spawns random items (like waterworks) gets a bound status (I think it may only be account bound, but I’ve not really tested). This is how folks can end up with account bound cannith crafting items. 🙂

    2) Named items can be bound to character: take the troll’s regeneration ring from Redwillow’s or any named item from the Red Fens rewards as an example. So while rare, they exist. 🙂

    Other than that, I hear you and feel your pain. Except for the harbor named items (Sword of Pain, anyone?) I feel like I’m pre-gimping some character out there by doing away with named items I accumulate. 🙂

  10. @Minion: no apologies allowed for providing good information, please keep being “that” guy.

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