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This quest made me laugh out loud – literally, not a “lol” but a real actual laugh – when I encountered it for the first time.

On the off chance that someone will read this that has never run the quest, I’ll avoid spoiling the joke, but it definitely has one of the more unique themes that you can find anywhere in the game.

Or any game 🙂


Now to be sure, “unique” and “laugh-out-loud funny” do not equal “enjoyable on repetition”. Turbine has stuffed so many XP in this quest that I feel compelled to run it once or twice in each TR life.

Or at least I should. But no. I’ve achieved impressive levels of frustration in this quest that can only be challenged by Inferno of the Damned. The kind of frustration that makes you question why you devoted an evening to the game at all.

I know there are a few players out there that have mastered this quest and having one of them in your party reduces the frustration. But at cost: you are reduced to a spectator role while your “ringer” does the active part.

Not fun.

Everyone should do this quest once, with a fun group, and without spoilers.

Afterwards…. not so much?

On the other hand, Tomb of the Blighted is another quest in the same adventure pack (Litany of the Dead Chapter 3) that has a bad reputation. But in this case the rumors are wrong; Blighted is a delight! So much so that it deserves its own post.

  • Tormented = funny, very creative, not to be missed, painful to repeat
  • Blighted = not as funny, almost as creative, not to be missed, run as often as you can

Notice that I have no links to the Tomb of the Tormented quest. I couldn’t, every single link I could find had a map and/or a walkthrough and/or other spoilers.

It is just that kind of quest.

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  1. My one experience in Tomb of the Tormented on Paladin was enough for me. Once I TR my Wizard and am on the prowl for some XP, maybe, but he has never set foot in Necro 3 at all, and until I decide that maybe I want Silver Flame favor, he probably won’t. Heck, he hasn’t even done Tear for crying out loud 🙂 On the flip side, I’ve read bad stuff about Necro 4 and for me that is by far and away the best of the 4 packs, and I actually like Inferno of the Damned…at least when I solo it. Running it with a PuG can be downright frustrating for those that know the quest having to deal with those who may know it a bit, but refuse to listen. Which part of “ignore the rest and get right next to the Acolyte of Flame and beat on him” don’t you understand? 🙂

  2. @raladnahs: Ummm…the “beat on him” part? Just guessing, mind you… 😉

  3. Well, it’s not as dull as waiting around in Abbott while the guys in goggles are doing their thing, but it’s on my list of “oh gawd, do I have to run that again” quests.

  4. TotT taught me to love Chain Missiles. 🙂

    Inferno is one of those things I learned by heart, and I echo that it’s faster soloed. I like ppl to pike it and I lead them to the end for the chest. I skip the acolytes, though. I never cared about shield parts, and I found it added on time and effort I didn’t care for. It also eliminates that issue of coordinating everyone being close when the acolyte dies. 🙂

  5. I’d rather run 10 Infernos than 1 Tomb of the Tormented! And no, I’m not familiar enough with Inferno to make it easy for me. Tomb of the Tormented is downright tormenting IMO! I dread most of necro 3 in general but love the rest of it.

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