Aug 012013

Tolero, Updating
Tolero, Updating

Tolero is back in the latest DDO video update, this time talking about the Stormhorm Mountains.

Not a lot of grist in this mill, she spends about a minute providing basic lore regarding the Stormhorns (they are mountains), including where they are located (next to Cormyr), and what lives in them (monsters, duh). We get some screenshots, nothing that hasn’t already been presented, but still nicely sized and with Tolero providing verbal captions.

But the good part comes at the end. We are told that the Netherese are up to … something … because I guess that’s just the kind of thing that Netherese do. Pesky Netherese, always up to something or another.

What are they up to?
Get away from those mountains!
Pesky Netherese

Here’s where it gets good: you can describe what you think the Netherese are up to and post it in the video comments section. “Some” of the favorite comments will win “Turbine Points”.

No specifics on how many winners, or how many points, but so what? All you have to do is type something and win. Maybe.

I mean, think of the good you will be doing even if you don’t win. Who could imagine a greater or more productive use of your time than writing YouTube comments? Why, I can practically see the world getting better as I write this, just thinking of the glorious cascade of commentary that this video will inspire.

Or not. But hey, the points are free. Why not take your shot?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. The Netherese are planning to return Georgio Moroder to Cormyr as a painful reprisal for the “Netherese Ending Story”. They have felt for many years that this is just a weak excuse for Cormyrian citizens to laugh at them, and they also find that the name “Netherese” suggests that they are behind the times and over developed in the posterior regions. When properly spoken they feel that they should be the “Nee-therese” and their elite units are of course the Knights who say Nee! and they plan to conquer Cormyr and plant shrubberies all over it.

  2. The Netherese are forming an alliance with the Sembians and together desire to pierce the wards around The Hidden Realm, Elven Wood and The Fortress of Zhamolis in an attempt to force the Elven Elders to reveal their magic so the evil alliance can use it to smash Cormyr once and for all. (See avenginghorde guildportal com – library – Fan Fiction – The Hidden Realm, Elven Wood – Fortress of Zhamolis for Hammursmith’s trek journal)

  3. One word – Manshoon. Could he and the Netherese be building some type of take-over-the-realm type of shenanigans? If so, El, the Seven Sisters and the rest of us are in for some VERY dark days ahead…

  4. Guys/gals, these are all very good (very good actually!) but you need to post them as comments on the youTube page to have a chance at winning.

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