Nov 292012

Tolero and Feather of Sun hold court
Last week, Tolero provided the latest DDO Community Update, inviting the developer Feather of Sun as her guest. The two of them answered what appeared to be carefully selected “random” questions from various DDO’ers.

Enhancement Revamp

The enhancement revamp is not dead in the water after all. Tolero makes sure we all understand nothing is happening soon, but still, the changes are being made and will include some sort of rework involving Dragonmark enhancements in addition to whatever else is being revamped.

No indication was made as to when enhancement changes would be imminent. Traditionally, new tech has been released in even-numbered updates. Past history does not guarantee future performance, yet that would seem to imply that Update 18 is the earliest possibility.

The Next Release: Update 16 patch 1

Gianthold changes are coming “next year”. Tolero had previously indicated Update 17 included Epic Gianthold, so one can assume that Update 17 is also next year. Whatever was scheduled for December has either (1) been pushed back or (2) is a bugfix patch to update 16.

Later, Feather mentions the “next” patch and refers to it as Update 16 patch 1, so I think that pretty much answers that.

By the way, the patch will include revamped Potions of Wonder, with improved stacking and more random effects. Like turning you into a Taken (Ick!). How did Potions of Wonder make it to the top of the priority list? I wonder …

More on Epic Gianthold

Epic Gianthold will include Blue, Black and White Epic Dragonscale armors, but no details were included, just a simple “yes”. They will exist.

Augments (and especially, Epic Augments)

Update 17 will also include a new way to upgrade items and weapons. Some items (named only? especially Epic named? No one specified) will have augment slots. Augmentable items come at all levels, not just epic levels. Color still matters; items will have differently-colored augment slots.

Augments will be available that can be simply snapped into a (properly-colored) augment slot without having to use the Epic altar or purchase catalysts. It will be possible to replace an augment by snapping in a new one, overwriting what had been there before.

In an unrelated forum thread, Feather of Sun slipped in a sneak preview image of an updated Gianthold named item: The Imperial Globe of Blood. Formerly one of many not-very-useful named items obtainable in Gianthold Tor, it is now an augment that can be snapped into an augmentable item and grants +1 exceptional to all six stats.

One would assume that this is how all augments will work, although one would hope they are not all named rare drops.

Not Mentioned

Epic tokens. Do we still need them at all? Dunno.


This was an unusually informative DDO Update, hopefully the first of many. Now if only it had come with Owlbear costumes

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Fixed, thanks 🙂

  2. Potions of wonder didn’t make it to the top of any priority list…

  3. I wonder…

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