Nov 132015

Win the last copy of this book!

Just a reminder that the contest to win the LAST COPY of the Stormreach Campaign ends tonight! At midnight! How exciting! A midnght deadline – just as if this were a real contest on a real website!

Nonetheless, the contest really does end tonight, and the book is totally worth winning. Totally.

So … get your entries in! As a reminder:

So simple. Such a great prize.

No excuses! Get your entries in today!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Final contest day
    This haiku here totally
    Does not count at all

  2. So, being “that guy” (hehehe), I have to point out that: a) you didn’t specify a time-zone, so one is left to wonder “at midnight where?” UTC? Atlantic? Eastern? Eastern Australian? Mountain? Pacific? Belarusian?, and b) “at midnight” would technically be tomorrow morning (this is why I tend to have deadlines at either 11:59 PM or 12:01 AM [in whichever time zone], but that’s me), not “tonight”.

    Although, maybe I should have waited until after the official rolling of the die before pointing that stuff out, so you wouldn’t disqualify me for being “that guy”…

    Oh well – too late now.

  3. I really should have entered a million times to stack the ballot box, as they say. But, it’s a lot of effort, and I don’t think I’d feel I’d have deserved the “win”, if I won.

    Good luck to all entrants, yes, even you, that guy that wrote a script to enter once per second for the last two weeks, I could never beat you!

    Time for a haiku.
    An English pseudo haiku.
    Yet still a haiku!

    (Something in my brain wants to write “an haiku”, but I beat it with a stick!)

  4. Good luck everybody!!

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