Feb 012011

Sometimes I find myself in a group tackling the Tower of Despair and the raid leader instructs everyone to attack the Judge. Other times, the leader is adamant that we have to attack the Jailor first and then get the Judge.

I prefer to take out the Jailor first because I believe he is easier, just as one clears the trash before taking on the boss.

But maybe that’s just me. Is there really any difference?

The Judge drops curses
The Jailor just does damage
Kill the orthon first?

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  1. Kill the Judge first. He spawns trash mobs. (Watch in general chat, you’ll see him spawn the dogs from time to time).

    It was when PUGs on Khyber realised this that every group on the server changed from ‘Jailor first because he’s quicker to kill’ to ‘Judge first’.

  2. *Psst* Drop “The” from the first line…

  3. Whoops! Syllable counting error detected! Thanks CR

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