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The Life-Shaper shapes lives
Reincarnation is New! Improved! And now comes with even more sparkly!

I am getting a head start on my 2014 chore list by working on the new and improved build for Diabola Death’s Handmaiden. She’s still going to be Eeeeevil but now in a different, hopefully more useful way. As in, she will no longer suck. That is the plan and I am sticking with it.

Mari came up with some tips for a Favored Soul build in the comments section of yesterday’s post, and thank you Mari, I appreciate it! I am actively seeking any other ideas that people have for a melee-focused Favored Soul. If they are Eeeeevil ideas, well, so much the better.

As you can see, Diabola has made it to the Life-Shaper for a bought of reincarnation. If there are ever going to be ideas for her build, now is the time.

By the way, have you been to the new Reincarnation area? It is lovely! And so full of shiny/sparkly!

Shiny, Sparkly!

It’s full of stars!

But I digress. This is not about the lovely new reincarnation area. This is about a Favored Soul build. Or it would be, if I had any idea what I was doing here.

In fact, I am stumped on one question already. Do I add in some Paladin?

I wanted to add two levels of Paladin so she could wear heavy armor and add her sizable Charisma bonus to all her saves, but she won’t get her wings until level 19. If I take three levels of Paladin she can also take Divine Righteousness but she won’t get wings until level 20.

But what I really wanted from this dive into Paladinhood is the Sacred Defense stance. Except that requires six levels of Paladin, meaning poor Diabola will never get her wings. Maybe this is her penance for being so Eeeevil?

What do you think? Pure FvS? Or FvS/Pal? And if the latter, Paladin 2, Paladin 3 or Paladin 6?

And why do you feel that way? Details will be helpful!

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  1. Every time a troll is killed on the forums, a Favored Soul gets her wings!

  2. Can you truly be Eeeevil(tm) without levels of wizard for undead forms?

    If you’re going to melee, you can pick up some PM feats to get undead forms and bonus HP, and then go with Eldritch Knight for attack boosts.

    6 wizard gets you Vampire form, which is probably too deep if you’re wanting 6 paladin. Zombie form isn’t bad and you can get it with just 3 levels of wizard leaving you with a potential 11/6/3 split. To get Heal/Harm, you’d have to go with cleric instead of favored soul though…

  3. I would think a winged zombie form favored soul would be vvveeeerrrry eeeeebil!

  4. If you went pure you could do war forge lord of blade a major boost in dps and and saves and boost your spell power to add to the caster side I went pure dps on mine with boosted heal power for self healing not for a party healer this one is a pure soloing build

  5. πŸ˜€ technically, paladins can’t be evil.

  6. funny. my husband is facing the exact same dilemma. 2 paladin, or 3. he’s already punched the button and is now a 1st level paladin with the intention of becoming a FvS… but he hasn’t quite yet decided 2 or 3 levels of paladin.

  7. 2 levels of Pally is great for epics… here is the build:

  8. That sounds very entertaining. Might have to play around with that for kicks.

  9. @DDO miki

    Officially, even in Eberron PnP, paladins can’t be evil. Clerics can be as evil as they want, and still be clerics of the Host and the Flame. In DDO, paladins can’t fall. No matter how many times you run purge the heretics or choose the naughty option in the bounty hunter, you won’t fall.

    Go be evil all you want.

  10. you can get wings if you are in exalted angel destiny πŸ˜‰

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