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Where many a man has gone before! The bottom of a bottle of whiskey. Or bourbon. Both work perfectly well. Perfectly.

Well, Ive been a busy busy girl playing 3 MMOs! Though Ive spent most of my time on SWtOR again I have been playing off and on on STO and DDO. So, as is usual, here is a summary of what Ive been up to! Unless you dont want that then you are a strange monkey.

Ill start with what Ive been up to on STO. Ive spent less time over there lately. Mostly because I ran out of entertainment on my Federation character. However, I got curious about something recently. Were the ships I had chosen to use with my Tactical officer really the best choice? Theyre powerful, theres no doubt about that. But what about the other 2 ship types? One of them is a Science vessel type. Not really built for combat. The other is an Escort type ship class.

Unlike the ships Id been using, Escorts are smaller, have weaker hulls & slightly weaker shields as well. However they make up for it in 2 areas. 1: Theyre faster. Theyre ability to turn faster and move faster is a good advantage. 2: They give a +15 power boost to the weapons subsystem. The ships Ive been using give a +5 boost to all subsystems. Its my assumption that the Escort ships are really meant to be used by Tactical Officers and the larger ships by Engineers. With this in mind, I made a new Tactical Officer, Andorian Female, with the plan to try out the Escort vessels. Should prove to be fun.

Besides all that, for a while I decided to run an experiment of sorts following Comics advice and increase the game difficulty. I decided to skip right past ‘Advanced’ and go right up to ‘Elite’. Honestly, the game was still too easy. It was just more of a pain in the ass. Enemies either had more HP or higher defense, I couldnt tell. What I could tell was that I was being scratched but not overly damaged and I was having a hell of a time taking out enemy battleships. I mean, it took me around 30 minutes to  kill 1 ship. ONE SHIP!!! So I decided to call the experiment done and over and go back down to normal. Now, if the mission rewards were improved with the increase in difficulty then Id likely endure the pain of spending 30 minutes killing 1 ship a bit better.

On SWtOR I of course played my Trooper for a time. However, hes now feeling a wee bit underpowered so Ive decided to grind out low level heroics so that I can get a decent number of commendations and then buy some better mods for both his gear and Elara. I did finally manage to max out Elaras affection towards him and that certainly made me a happy person. Im at around 6000 with Jorgan and 1000 with M1-4X. As far as I can tell my Trooper is on the final stretch of quests for Balmorra so thats exciting and I really cant wait to get him finished with the planet and move onto the next. I also got him from level 32 to level 36.

Since you can only do Heroics once a day Ive been switching over to my Bounty Hunter. Shes a light sider and the same kind of build as my Trooper. Pretty much the main reason I wanted to play a Bounty Hunter. Having become so familiar with the Trooper-Vanguard build I figured that playing a Bounty Hunter-Powertech build would be no problem. So far, Im having a blast with the character and the story. My main problem is that she feels weaker than my Trooper did at her level. Though, that could simply be Dromund Kaas fraking with me. The difference between the two capitol worlds is that there are more Strong type enemies on Dromund Kaas than on Coruscant. Also, it could just be my imagination but Im pretty certain that the Coruscant side quests gave more better gear than the Dromund Kaas ones. Either way, she is now also in a Heroic Commendation grind in order to get her gear all uberd up.

With my main two characters all busy in Heroic loops, I decided I wanted to play a dual weilding lightsaber swinger. At first I was thinking Sentinel. But then was nike naaahhh. So I made a Rattataki Male Sith Warrior-Marauder. Like all my other characters, hes light side as well. Ive really had a blast with him as I have with all my other lightsaber weilding characters. The only problem I have with Sentinels & Marauders is that theyre really damn squishy. At least for a while. Hopefully that gets better with time & gear. Ive also decided to take a different damage path with him. The last few Marauder/Sentinels Ive made have been focused on DoT damage. Im focusing him on Burst damage. Its my first time doing that so Im hoping that it works out really well.

In more generalized news, I managed to aquire the upper and lower robe pieces of Revans armor which made me excited. Sadly, the belt and gloves are far out of my reach along with the mask. But just having the robe pieces that I do is exciting enough for me at the moment. Also, I may be able to get a 60 day sub card “soon” as my Christmas gift. When I do my in game goal will be to make a Mirialin character and run them up to level 50 so that I can permanently unlock the race for my legacy when my sub time runs out. I havent been able to try out the Starfighter expansion yet but Im hoping to in the near future.

Now, onto DDO! I didnt do jack. I made Comic do it all!

Okay not really. Well, a couple weekends back I really wanted to give the Eveningstar challenges a try because… I have no idea why. I just did. So me and Comic started on the Lords of Dust chain and I had named loots drop for me like there was gonna be none tomorrow! I got the Envenomed Blade, Golden Guile & Rakashi Hide Armor. Maybe one other thing but I cant remember. The next day me and Comic finished the chain up. No named loot. Which we actually found to be kinda funny. My figuring was that since so much had dropped the previous day, the game was trying to rebalance itself by not giving us any.

Eventually, we did make it to Eveningstar. Thank god I wont have to run that chain for a while because it was bothersomly long and dull. Though I did get to kill some Cathar. That made me happy.

We started the challenges with the Arena ones. The first one we got a one star finish. The fire one we got 3 stars and apparently we did better than he and Shinny did. Which was shocking. I mean, me? Better than Shinny! *Gasp*! My main problem with the Arena quests came after the 3 rounds were finished. When a gazillion enemies were swarming us I got hit by some god awful crippling lag. I just held the trigger button of my controller down and hoped that I didnt die and that I killed as many of the bastards as possible beore they would inevitbly kill me.

After that we did the grove challenges. The first one we got a whopping 4 stars on and were just shy, and I do mean just shy, of being able to get the fifth. It was my fault we couldnt. If I hadnt tried to upgrade ALL the trees at least once, its my belief that we could have gotten it. Lesson learned though, right? The next one we earned 2 or 3 stars.

Finally we got to the other two challenges, though what theyre called escapes me at the moment. The first one, sunset, we got 3 stars and the second one we got 1. Maybe 2.

Overall, I had a great time running my first ever challenges and look forward to doing them again in the future. Hopefully with Even around to make up for my noobiness.

After that we headed back to Eberron and I ran my first ever Gianthold quest. That place is amazingly pink. I mean it is really pink. There is so much damn pink in that place its like one giant… pink place! What the HELL were the devs thinking about when they made it?! I mean… ITS REALLY PINK!!! I have never been assaulted by so much pink in my entire life! Not even during Breast Cancer Awareness Month do I see so much pink! Good god Turbine! What is wrong with you?!


We also finished up the Lordsmarch quest chain. It was alot of fun, though the puzzle at the end confused the hell out of me so I let Comic do that and I focused on killing enemies and defusing traps when they reset. I also focused on running away whenever a rust monster popped up. Extra damage is painful.

Back to Eveningstar for a moment, there was one thing that caught me off guard, the music in the area. Oh, yes. Its nice. Its pretty. Blahblahblah. But at first I thought it was odd. Why? I didnt know at first. I kept listening. Suddenly it sounded familiar. Following this track of thought I kept listening going through all the various places I could have heard it from. I heard the exact tune from another game! But which game? Further listening and I figured it out! I heard the exact same tune in the first “The Guild” game(Also known as Europa 1400)! It was just an oddity I thought Id share.

Onto the ever so great Mr Geoff Hannas latest blog sharing all the things that Cordovan and that other Turbine guy talked about, I thought Id add my own thoughts to some of the things brought up.

For starters: Hireling AI revamp. First thoughts: Awww SHIT! Here we go again! Personal note to Turbine: Dont think Ive forgotten about LAST time you done this!

No new Monster Manuals: But I love those! I think they add alot of fun to the game. Sure, its just a side thing thats not overly relevant but its still FUN. I love when me and Comic are questing and I get a pop up at the top of my screen telling me I accomplished a Monster Manual goal! Getting that bonus XP or unlocking pictures and lore for the monsters is one of the few things in DDO I really find myself enjoying.

Permanent Guildship Amenities: So long as it can still be bought with plat, thats cool. If needed, Id even donate to help out guild Destiny with that.

Bigger/different looking airships: Meh on bigger. I mean, do they REALLY need to be bigger? Different looking on the otherhand would be cool depending on how theyd look.

Thats about all the thoughts I had on that.

I still havent returned to LotRO yet. However, as disappointed as I still feel in how they implemented the class trees over there, they did make one change that makes me happy. Back when Id written my first blog in ages regarding LotRO, I complained about how one of the class deeds for Champions worked only if you were using a 2H weapon. Theyve finally made a change to that allowing people, like me, who dont WANT to use a 2H weapon but want to dual wield, the ability to work on that deed with dual weilded weapons. Thats enough for me to go back sometime in the future and see if, maybe, I can live with the craptastic class trees.


My Artificer, Mizzaroo, in her new Rakashi Hide Armor


Almost 4 years playing DDO and for the first time ever, I FINALLY pulled a Legendary Victory!

Thats about all thats happened for me these last couple of weeks. I still havent started on chapter 4 of my Elven Barbarian story but Im planning to sit down soon and start out on a rough first version of it. Ill start putting the chapters out as soon as the ‘Prologue’ is all finished. That said Ill probably rename them from ‘chapter 1-4(maybe 5)’ to ‘Prologue I-IV(maybe V)’. Its alot harder writing than I remember. Its ALSO alot harder finding the time to do so than I remember! Everyones always trying to catch my attention!

Anyways, I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks and I hope you all continue having a great week! Thanks for reading!


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  1. STO: Yes, the escorts are the “recommended” ships for Tacticals and the bigger ships the recommended for Engineers (and the science vessels are for – you guessed it, the Science-eses). My guy, TED (that’s, “Thadeus Everett Doneghe”) is an Engineer, so I’ve been taking the big ships. It also sounds like you’re a much better player than I am in there – but that’s OK. I never claimed to be “good”, just that I enjoy the game. It definitely doesn’t get as much play-time as the others, but that’s OK, too.

    • I don’t know if I’d call myself good or great. I’d say I’m adaptable to new situations. Against the Borg I’m sure I’d get owned. Really owned. They own me on normal! Haha. I’m likely to drop off my playtime on it as well as I focus more on swtor.

  2. Seriously? First ever Legendary? Wow. Congratulations! I wonder what weird dice dimension as taken over your end reward list rolls?

    • I know right?! Even when I did a two week elite streak doing quests 2 levels under I never got one! Hopefully it’s not my last. 🙂

  3. It’s not pink – it’s purple!!! (Er.. Gianthold I mean) 😀

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