Mar 262014

Tiny Treasure Chest

This picture awoke a loot muse that required a bunch of haiku. Or not haiku, we’ve had that discussion already. Also, I already know that this has happened before. Regardless and for better or worse, verse.

Probably worse verse.

Tiny treasure chest
What is hidden inside you?
I bet it’s armor


Random Loot items
can be anything at all
Not always Ghostbane


Ransacking the chest,
trying for that one Named thing.
Not this time. Just stuff.


When was the last time
I equipped something looted?
10th level I think


Tiny treasure chest
Full of randomized wonder;
I hope it’s a tome!

Your turn! Hit me with your best loot-inspired scribblings!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. No, not always Ghostbane…

  2. Three Barrel Cove rare,
    for Tiefling Assassin’s Blade.
    Endless tries for naught.

  3. Tiny treasure chest,
    you look like a fine hat
    can i wear you?

  4. Oh, I did not know,
    this was a haiku contest,
    my meagre attempts…

    Silly loot table.
    When you do not yield Ghostbane,
    I find Feather Fall!

    My reservations,
    concern the English haiku.
    Are you true to form?

  5. Oh! Tiny treasure chest – and big ones, too – how ye mock me.
    Thou dost sit there, full of promises of phat lootz and named items,
    Yet opened, thine true nature thus revealed – rocks.

    And by “rocks” we doth not mean “as in a musical way”,
    But rather as in that e’er ill-fated, hero’s All Hallow’s Eve bounty
    (Which doth vex poor Charlie Brown, each year): (literally,) small stones.

    Cruel art thine “jests” insomuch as thou dost grant tomes and such to others,
    Yet ever fill my limited storage space with bolts and arrows and wiz mats,
    E’en – or perhaps ‘specially – when I be not a wiz or sorc and thus are useless.

    Crueler still, when attempt do I to bribe by way of “loot gem”,
    The hope being to entice thee to cough up better lootz,
    Still thou dost mock and sneer to reveal: “better” rocks.

    Vain attempts be made, yet still thy Sirens’ song doth call:
    “Come, brave one. Try thine hand once more.
    Surely *this* time, wilt I shower thee with that which you seek.”


    *mocking laughter from chest*


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