Nov 212009

Knicker Tan This is my attempt to recreate River Tam from the movie Serenity (although I couldn’t get a name even remotely like River).

Knicker is a 32-point Frenzied Berzerker with lots of STR, CON and DEX – but nothing else at all. She has two levels of rogue for Evasion purposes (and a nice reflex save) but no lock or trap skill. Her build is detailed here.

She has enough hit points to tank, but she mainly brings DPS to the table. She loves her some cleric; with Frenzy on she can blow through hitpoints at a really outstanding pace. And yes, she wears the starter rags all the time.

Halfling female battlesqueaks are legendary. Her raging dwarven axes usually lead the kill count. But her best abillity is her visual awesomeness.

p.s. This character started on Khyber but was transferred to Sarlona. This continues to weird out myDDO. Use this link to view Knicker’s character sheet.

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