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Tiny Icons, Beautiful View: The Best and Worst Way To Play DDOTiny Icons, Beautiful View


I recently bought a monitor. It is a crazy nice one, by far the nicest one I’ve ever had. I don’t say this to brag, it is just a thing, and it doesn’t make me special.

But it does make DDO special. Very special. Look at this:

The best view in DDO
You want to click the image, it is totally worth seeing in full size.

This is my favorite place in DDO. Beautiful flowers, beautiful sky, beautiful trees, just utterly beautiful. And now that I am playing in super highdef, even the characters look beautiful.

So pretty.

Stormcleave used to be my favorite place in DDO but now this is. I wish I could be there in real life. I’ve been just about everywhere in Colorado and there are places this nice, but not many, not even in the many-splendored Rocky Mountains. Maybe parts of Bavaria? Or New Zealand?

I don’t know, but I love it, and I wish I could spend a whole quest, right here, among the wildflowers and the brilliant blue sky.

So pretty.

And this is why I bought the monitor, because it totally does this place full justice. I can see every leaf, every armor detail, every pine needle. And so many!

And then I try to actually play.



And oh yeah, I can barely at all.


Tiny Icons
Can you see which icon is Beatifica’s “real” necklace and which is her Haggle necklace? Me neither.

Everything is so small! I am already reading-glass challenged, actually needing a different pair of reading glasses for the computer than those I use while reading books. But this is all but beyond me. I can make out generalities, sort of, and it helps that I know them pretty well and have developed placement strategies over the years that ensure that certain types of abilities will always be found in the same general places.

But still. Which Repair is which? Do I have Prism turned on?

Ai yi yi.

I’ve tried every setting in the settings panel to no avail. Apparently there is just no way to set the game to show the playfield in 4K highdef but the UI in something bigger. The only thing I’ve found that works is stepping down the screen resolution to something like 2400×1200 and then playing in full-screen mode.

Which is yucky. Not just because it is half the resolution I possess, but mainly because full-screen mode. Yuck.

For now I am able to make do. I am not playing all of my characters; I can’t anyway, I have too many, although I have never before had to choose based on the simplicity of the character’s hot bar layout.

I dread the day when I have to redo someone’s hot bars. Dread. With a capital D. I may have to break out a magnifying glass or something.

So beautiful. But so difficult.


[Edit] after a conversation with Turbine developer SteelStar in the DDOChat room, I’ve learned that in fact there is no way to increase the size of icons and hot bars, not even through custom skinning as some have suggested. Also, it is apparently not an easy change and is not on the horizon at all. Even though it bothers SteelStar too:


[09:47:26] <DDOGamer> is there somewhere I can look this up?
[09:50:08] <%SteelStar> As far as I'm aware, the DDO UI elements cannot be resized
by any means right now
[09:50:20] <%SteelStar> (I did see the post going around about that)
[09:50:57] <%SteelStar> Pretty sure the long and short answer is "Devs did not
anticipate 4k resolutions in 2005, when the average was still 800x600"
[09:51:16] <DDOGamer> Yes, this is not a blaming issue. :)
[09:51:29] <%SteelStar> I know :) It's a pet peeve of mine too, if that helps
[09:51:34] <DDOGamer> But it does beg the question as to DDO plans for supporting 4K
[09:52:58] <Flav|Work> you can download the last UI art package if it is stored on
lotrointerfaces... knowing that it's not been updated since MoTU and
try to play with it.
[09:53:40] <Flav|Work> but as far as I know the UI has fixed pixel size and it
can't be changed.
[09:56:11] <ShoeMaker> Correct.
[09:59:33] <%SteelStar> Worlds are open
[09:59:41] <%Vargouille> yay
[09:59:46] <DDOGamer> SteelStar: Yes? No? Maybe someday? Soon (TM) ?
[10:00:03] <%SteelStar> What, on UI scaling? No current plans, but maybe someday.
[10:00:08] <%SteelStar> It's not a small thing, sadly.

And so that is that. What I had hoped is a temporary inconvenience until I can find some way around it is in fact a dead stopper.

Full-screen, half-resolution here I come. Yuck.

๐Ÿ™ :\ ๐Ÿ™

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  1. What about a custom skin a la Blackbird?

    Could you create one that makes the icons bigger?

  2. Also – what screen did you get? Looks awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Been a while since I’ve studied visual acuity, but it won’t be long before even the non reading glass types will need glasses ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I envisage gamers using opera glasses (now I am thinking steampunk style)…

  4. Interestingly enough we just had several folks here at work get new laptops with super high def screens. At the “recommended” resolution the icons are unreadable even for those of us who have the proper vision correction. I think we may be reaching the point where graphics are beginning to become like audio became. After a certain point it’s just not worth making it any better because no one can really tell the difference anyway (except for the audiophile and videophile posers who snub you because you can’t see or hear the infinitesimal difference in resolution).

    I’m thinking for DDO this is a case of “the developers need to do something”.

  5. Oddly enough, my screen looks like poo when I try to set it to the “recommended” setting. I am pretty sure it is the monitor, as it is quite old, but stepping down from 1920 x 1080p to 1680 x 1050p makes everything fit on the screen properly, as well as makes the text look TONS better. I play full screen at full resolution like this, and everything looks pretty good, but I was disappointed when I could not play at full resolution. Our problems are similar, yet completely opposite one another. I hope you find a way to fix yours soon! That would suck to either have to deal with horrible graphics, or be unable to see your hotbars! Good luck!

  6. And this is why I play in 1600:900 resolution – so I can still see icons. Oh, sure, I can go all the way up to 1920:1080p, but to what avail? This has been the biggest issue for *any* game (or even just a Windows desktop). Yes, some of the newer games have UI scaling, but might be surprised as to how few do.

    Maybe the next time DDO decides to change the UI, they can specifically look at UI scaling.

    …but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Talking about Windows desktop, I found it amusing when Vista/7/etc came out we all had higher resolution monitors, yet the icons got bigger, so much so we could actually fit less of them on the desktop. Almost seemed to defeat the purpose, of course we could also stop using the desktop as a dumping ground … nah!

      (I talking default settings here.)

      • Perhaps I’m one of the few people who *don’t* use my desktop for a dumping ground. I’m always harping on my IT guy at work for doing that. “What’s this new thing on my desktop? -Um, I needed to install something. -Are you done with it? -Yeah. -Then why is it still there? -You can delete it, if you want. -Will I need it again? -Maybe. -Fine; I’ll move it somewhere else.” I do have a folder on my desktop for such “misc.” things like that.

        And what great idi…um…person in charge of the Windows explorer design, decided that “computer” should be listed *under* “desktop??? (and by collapsing your desktop, you hide *everything*???) Obviously, a non-Vulcan. “Computer” should be the top-tier. Go ahead and have “desktop” as a separate entity directly under “computer”, if you want, but it should *not* be the other-way-round.

        • There are lots of “concerns” with the current Windows Explorer “features”, or lack of features (that used to be features in the older versions…) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. At least you were able to get an answer. It is not one that we had hoped for but it does help those leaning towards the 4K monitors.

  8. Love the wee folk hiding in the flowers. So adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’m not sure I needed all those “pixels” in real life, certainly looks nice though, minimal lag, and the frame rate is very adequate, and smooth (‘cept after too many Dirty Koboldsยฎ) =)

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