Time Passing

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Jan 092017

On November 22nd, I wrote

Cutout paper or printed cards, either way, you will want to wait for Round Two when I’ve finished applying the lessons learned to-date.

Sometime next week.


And that seemed about right at the time, maybe it would go another week, but probably not. I had no idea that I really meant six weeks. Six weeks! And I am still not in playtest round two.

I wonder why this is all taking so long? I mean, I know why, there were a lot of changes and I only have an hour a day to make them. Less really, because I don’t write about the game every day, and never on weekends. So … lots of work to do and not very much time to get it done.

Back in April when I first started this I thought I was almost done; I figured out how the game would work, and I thought that was the hard part. Except no, it was only the first of many hard parts.

Creating 80% of the cards was easy, and fun, and went pretty fast. Creating the other 20% was hard.

Once they were all done, balancing the cards was hard.

Writing the rules was hard.

Just getting everything finished and ready to play was hard.

Play testing was fun and went pretty fast.

Figuring out how to incorporate the lessens from play testing was hard.

Re-balancing the cards after play test was very hard.

Re-writing the rules again felt like the hardest thing of all.

And now I am back in the part where I get everything finished and ready to play, again.

Meanwhile, nine months have gone by. I could have created an entire Human* in the time it has taken me to create this game and get it ready for public play test. An entire Human.

* Not by myself, obviously, I do know how the Human creation process works.

On the plus side, it has all been enjoyable time. I like doing this.

I still have nagging worries. Is it balanced? Will most of the cards be played at least sometimes? Is it even fun?

I have no idea anymore, I am way to close to the subject to be able to make any sort of useful observations about it.

Tomorrow marks another phase. I’ll publish the completed (again) rules for the game (again). By next week I’ll have the new cards back from the printer.

Meaning I will not be restarting play tests this weekend, but next.


🙂 😀 🙂

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