Sep 302009

I think I have the blog looking good – or at least, looking as good as it can with the rigid theme limitations that constrain us all. And the widgets are all in their right places, doing correctly-configured happy widgety things.

Now for content. But there is soooo much to do:

  • New avatar (or somehow persuade Borr to change his – yeah right)
  • Index to all my builds
  • Updates to mod9 to all builds
  • Create builds for older existing characters
  • Multiple galleries by image type
  • Lots more images

I envy people who can put time in on this from work. On the other hand, when I consider how many hours this little list of bullet points is going to take, I think… wow good thing I can’t get here from work! I’d never get anything done 🙂

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  1. You make it seem like so much work. I figure, it will get there in due time. Add a bit of this and a dash of that… voila!Blog potion!

    Hey, did I mention you have a nice blog?


  2. 🙂 thanks 🙂

  3. It is very constraining on here. It is like uniformity or something. But what can we do but all look alike I guess. Maybe eventually that will change.

  4. It’s not that there’s not enough time, it’s that there is just too much time. It’s like a tunnel that goes on for miles and at the end there is a light. That light looks dim and tiny but truly it’s the sun from the opposite end! What you need is a vehicle try pen and papering it out first, it’ll flow the ideas and give a better feel of your stuff, as well as allowing you to scribe thoughts as they come anywhere not wait until you can get to a PC that will let you connect here… Just a little tip… As far as the lovely widget setup, it’s a slotted theme, I’m sure we’ll see more but it’ll prolly be here’s BLUE banners! NOW GREEN!! WHOA! Prolly a decent bit away from any true ground being gained on the theme front.

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