Jul 222013

It's a maul!
This time, just to be different, I thought I’d actually make a maul

Somewhere in this post is an embedded YouTube video. It seems to take awhile for YouTube to catch up when a video is posted; it is possible that you cannot yet view the embedded video. If so, give it time, come back in a little while and you’ll be fine.

The video is of Mawry Haversack, my completionist-in-progress, currently a level 17 Earth Savant sorceror who is taking on Time is Money at level 20 to get crafting ingredients.

The video is one of many runs I made this weekend while trying to acquiring a Tier 3 Mournlode Maul for Chelena. I did this last year too but everything went pear-shaped at the last minute and she ended up maul-less in spite of very diligent efforts.

I need to learn how to do a voice-over when I am making these things. But in lieu of any in-movie vocal prompting, here is what is going on:

At the onset, I buff a little and summon a (level 16) healer and a gold seal (level 17 Owlbear) meleer.

Once prepped, I collect two incense torches that are always present at the very beginning of the quest.

Next, shopping! I buy a healing torch, and immediately plant it next to the Foreman. I also buy one Kobold Teleporter.

Thus equipped, time to win. The next step involves collecting more torches that start out deployed but will make my poor kobolds run to the wrong places and maybe get themselves in trouble.

At the one-minute mark of the video I have all of my buffs, my hirelings, and I’ve collected all of the dangerous extra torches. I’ve left two torches as the beginnings of a path to the East, as I am following the plan laid out in this post from last year; I will extend these two torches into a full-on mining line if there are purple crystals to the east.

But no, there are no purples in the east. In the farming plan I posted last year, I would now just recall out and start over. But I’ve already invested a full minute in this and want a win. Let’s see what other options exist.

I plant the Owlbear to protect the Kobold home zone, setting it to Active. I’m leaving the home zone.

At 1:28 I head north, put on feather fall, cast Haste, and leap off a bridge towards a lower level I can see looking westwards.

I find a great big batch of purples. All you need to win this quest is one decent batch of purple crystals and there are more then enough here.

Both the crystals and the teleport locations are random in this quest. Sometimes the zone I am in now has no purples. Sometimes it has a lot of them but does not have a spot for a teleporter. But this time it has both and I spend the next 90 seconds clearing bad guys, planting a teleporter, and laying down a short torch line.

By the way, you can also reach this possible purple spot by turning left from the Kobold home zone, but its a winding path full of bad guys. The bridge jump bypasses all of that.

Important note at 2:53 into the video: I peek over the bridge and look further down to the north and west. A big pile of purples; that is where I would have headed had the bridge zone come up empty.

If I continued north on the bridge, I would have come to a fork. Turning left at the fork would take me to the fourth possible purple location; and also at least one giant, usually two, often a red-named cloud giant and an orange-named hill giant shaman. Taking them out eats up the minutes, I’m glad I was able to find a purple batch without having to deal with them.

By now, the industrious kobolds have cleared enough of the purples to win the quest; my objective is attained, and the video comes to an end.

But sometimes, if the quest map has purples in more than one location, I get greedy and buy more time from the Foreman and try to clear all of the areas. I suspect it is inefficient, time-wise, and one is best-served by simply winning as fast as possible and repeating.

But it’s fun sometimes to see how far I can take it.

And fun is what it’s all about, right?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I can rarely ever bring myself to do the challenges, except on the occasional planetary alignment when guildies feel like running it too.. shame really as the loot from them is really good.

  2. I heard some Halo Grunts!!! I know I did!

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