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So, since I last blogged alot of things have happened. For starters, I had to get some new fish. Next, I named the fish. After that I began caring for them and teaching them how to play chess. Its slow going, but I thing Tetsy is getting the hang of it.

OKAY! So, last weekend(Well, just Sunday but still…) I hopped onto DDO to play with the aging Comic Relief(Hes very old. Almost old enough to rival Grampy Mr Geoff Hanna me thinks). Turns out, some other odd fish just so happened to be online as well. It wasnt any old odd fish either. Nope! It was our very own BOB! BOB was a Monk. BOB was too fast! BAD BOB! I forgive you. With BOB and Comic, I decided that since I didnt have alot of time to play(I only had an hour), I wanted to get in some quick favor runs in the Harbor because I wanted free TPs. Turns out, I ended up getting them after one or two quests! Currently, Im saving them up hoping that Turbine puts them on sale soon(ish)(Though I have found myself disappointed whenever the say ‘ALL classes on sale’ only to learn they meant all classes except Iconic. They need to be more clear on this because ALL classes means ALL classes, yuh know?). We had alot of fun. Made it up through missing pack, Durks a big fatass & both of the Beverly Hills quests. I dare say that Comic and BOB are a match made in heaven.

Aside from that Ive been busy busy playing on my 360. Havent gotten a whole lot of time in on SWTOR lately. My sister decided she didnt want to play another hack and slash character on there so we started over on fresh characters. She has a Human Inquisitor and Im on a Pure Blood Sith Warrior now. So, no more Eight of Ten. He was self destructed. They say sometimes, if you listen real hard, you can still hear him out there, gears all a whiring and clicking while he stomps around saying, ‘You will be assimilated…’ over and over.

Back to 360 awesomeness! So one of the reasons I had to get off DDO so early was that I had to head into town for a few days(I stay in town on work days). One of the things I absolutly had to do though was buy a game before anyone else would have the chance to. I mean… Its supposed to be an awesome game(turns out it is). So I simply wanted to get it before some other intelligent little twerp got the bright idea to buy(more like steal) it! So, what did I gets?! ILL TELL YOU WHATS I GOTS!

Trio of awesome

In case youre as blind as a bat, I got The Witcher 2, Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST! The Trinity of Awesome!

Originally, I bought FIFA 11 which excited me. But it didnt offer me anything interesting that I didnt feel my PS2 version didnt already have so I returned it and got both the Halo 3 games. Then payday came around and I had some spare money and decided that I absolutly had to get the Witcher 2. Ive been dying to play it for ages so it was a must get for me.

Halo 3 was fun. The story as usual was pretty great. My only problem is the damn controls. They werent really thinking too well when they made them. Thankfully, that problem was fixed with Halo 4. ODST was just as awesome, if not more so. I was perplexed pretty much from the get go about something. After a few levels I decided I absolutly had to go to the ever so large Wikipedia to look something about the game up. Turns out, I was right. Also turned out I was suddenly super excited! See, from the start I thought the ODST squad leader looked and sounded quite a bit like Malcom from Firefly. Turns out, its because he was! But not only that, 2 other members of the squad were of the cast from that show! Wash and Jayne. Throuhout the campaign they each pretty much play the same types of characters as they did on the show so it was definetly alot of fun. Not to mention the Firefly easter eggs. On top of that though, it also happened that Six from Battlestar Galactica was a voice actor for the game as well! Sadly, as far as I can tell, she doesnt say ‘Frak’ even once. Though, there certainly alot of places she could have! So they were both definetly good fun games. Now all I have left to get in the series is Reach, Halo Wars, Spartan Assault & Combat Evolved Anniversary. Then Im all set on my Halo until 5 & Halo 2 Anniversary are out!

Then of course, theres the Witcher 2. Ive played number one many a time. Spent many an hour on it and it was an amazing game with a pretty deep plot amazing characters that are unforgettable and a fun combat system. To top it all off, it has the easiest controls Ive ever experienced in a PC game. Literally every button you need is right under where your left hand would normally be. W, S, A & D for movement. Q & E for your swords. Z, X & C for the three combat styles. Lastly, 1, 2, 3 & 4 are your primary quickslots. No stretching across the keyboard in the midst of combat to do something. Everything is just reflexive which is nice. The witcher 2 had all the same elements that made the first game amazing, but better. Depper story. Seeper characters. Worlds that felt real and alive. Giant insects. Its an amazing game. And with 16 endings, Ive barely scratched the surface. In my opinion, playing the first game is pretty much a must. Otherwise youll have to kinda guess your way through who and what things are. It took me a little while to get a grasp on how to do things in the game but once I did I was rollin to sweet victory tunes. Also after the games conclusion, Im way excited for number 3. Its a story that I just have to know how it ends. The best part of the game though is how almost every choice you make in the game effects the world at large and ultimatly the plot. There are even a few choices in the game that literally put you on the spot by only giving you a few seconds to make your decision. Sadly, these are few and far between but they still make for an interesting thing in the game.

That fun stuff aside, Im also excited about the changed coming to Live. The fact that 360 & One users wont need Gold in order to use entertainment apps anymore is a great boost in my opinion. Its certainly about damned time too!

Since everyone seems to want to talk about it, Ill give it a quick mention here. On the topic of The Elder Scrolls Online, unless the game allows for the solving of the mystery of what happened to the Dwemer and Akavir finally makes a physical appearance instead of yet another in game book about the place and people, I have absolutly no intrest in the game.

On the Star Wars films upcoming, Im cautiosly excited. Im excited because its freaking Star Wars. Im cautious because 1, its Disney and 2, the movie isnt even out and theyve already got planned 3 spinoffs. I dont care that ‘everyone else is doing it’. The fact that theres going to be so much more Star Wars in such a short period of time worries me about the quality of the films that are going to appear. Im also feeling a bit cautious because they wont be based off the books. May not be a big deal to some but I had hoped that if there was ever going to be another trilogy that itd follow Kyle Katarn or one of those other important characters from the books. Which also leaves me in a bit of confusion. Its generally accepted that the books are official lore right? If so, with the movies not being based off the books, what does that make the movies? An alternate universe?

Lastly, in a mixture of good and bad news, my sisters family has a pretty high chance of being able to be stationed at Fort Lewis. This made me excited because thatd mean that theyd be closer to me, at least for a while. The bad news part of it is because her husband is potentially capable of getting whats known as a ‘Compassionate Reassignment’. Essentially its given to soldiers who have family in certain places who are diagnosed with terminal illnesses and such. Turns out a mass was found on his fathers lung which may turn out to be cancer, it could also turn out to be nothing but considering how the dude lives, I wouldnt be an ounce surprised if it was. I mean, he does smoke almost an entire pack of cigarettes the moment he wakes up and goes through 2 packs a day if not more. So its a mixture of exciting that they may get Fort Lewis but also wishing that it could be under better circumstances.

Random stats: PC Gaming: 55 Games – 1,974 hours tracked – 113 Achievments. 360 Gaming: 15 Games – 473 hours tracked – 283 Achievments. Top 7 played games: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction(530 hours), Diablo II(No expansion)(242 hours), The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim(222 hours), Solitaire(95 hours), Dungeons & Dragons Online(95 hours), Minesweeper(91 hours), Freecell(91 hours). Game breakdown by genre: Role-Playing: 30%, Strategy: 19%, Shooter: 17%, Simulation: 8%, Sports: 8%, Action: 8%, Other: 7%, Puzzle: 2%, Fighting: 1%.

Well, there you have it folks. Id go on for another 1600+ words but eyes are likely starting to bleed. So I will cease to torment you and bid you all a fond farewell and thank you for reading.

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  1. Star Wars: The original movies came before any books, so who knows what Georgie had to say about books and cannon. With JJ Abrams at the helm, I’m not sure what to think. On the one hand, he does do some good work. On the other hand, he kinda screwed up the Star Trek re-boot, IMO. Guess time will tell. I suppose he can’t be any worse than ol’ George himself on the last three – and the re-edits. (OOPS – did I type that out loud? Hehehe)

    ESO: The fact that you must buy the game AND pay a subscription, with (currently) no lifetime option, is enough for me to stay away. But I suspect they won’t be completely sub-based for long (I’m thinking a year – maybe two – before they have to go F2P). Not too mention the cheap bas…um, buggers (yeah, that’s it) don’t give you much of a discount for multi-month subs; -$1/month for 3 mo, -$2/month for 6 mo. Pathetic. But hey, what do I know?

    “BOB” is an ultimate palindrome – it’s the same forwards, backwards, up, down, oblique, etc.

    {Hmmm…I wonder what might happen if you clicked my name…hehehe}

    • Unless the game offers a huge amount of content on day one, they’re going to learn the same lesson ea/bioware did with swtor. They won’t survive unless they switch to a freemium model. Swtor at the least has managed to avoid any pay to win problems with it’s player base. And that’s good.

  2. Shiny, Cap’n!

    Make sure you and your family keep flying 🙂

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