Feb 132011

Partially because of the events described in my previous post, I decided to use the +3 Greater Heart of Wood that I was hoarding* and respec my wizard Sparksy into the Tim the Enchanter build template.

* hoarding is the wrong word. Really I was trying to trade it for a Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone. Sigh. Back to farming Irestone Inlet in the hopes that I can find my own …

Most of my gaming time yesterday was spent in refining the build, or updating the build thread, or in the (careful yet tedious) process of actually reincarnating Sparksy and walking her through each level. You do not want to make a mistake here, or you’ll end up investing another Heart of Wood to correct it…

But eventually the build was rebuilt, the write-ups rewritten, and the character respec’d. This morning was the first chance I had to take her out for a test drive.

I started slow – joining a PUG Shroud run. Sparksy performed quite well, trogs nicely held, trash nicely fingered or wailed, red names nicely nuked, etc. Extra fun bonus: she was able to continuously spam nukes* in parts 4 & 5 without ever coming close to running out of mana. On the other hand, she should dominate here, this is not the end game.

* 1-point magic missile SLA followed by 1-point Arcane Bolt SLA followed by 5-point Arcane Blast SLA followed by 70-point Polar Ray. The cool-down timing allowed me to simply press each of these buttons, in order, about as fast as I could, and then repeat. Damage numbers flew off of Harry like seeds off a dandelion. Effective, and also, fun!

Thus prepared, its time to amp up the difficulty. Hire a pocket cleric, head for Weapon Shipment. I was able to solo this on Sparksy before but it was an iffy thing and required many pots. Too resource-expensive to be a reliable farming run.

But today is different. Web for the devils, mass hold for the orthons, and Wail of the Banshee for everyone! The improved DCs really shine here, and there is never a doubt that Sparksy and her plucky hireling Wyoh are going to win.

I did use a pot, but it was unnecessary. The NPC announced that the weapons were coming through as I was drinking the pot. Literally. Clearly this is now in reach as something Sparksy can solo without use of resources.

Ah but the whole purpose of the build is mass CC during epics. And just in time, there is a PUG forming to run Epic The Tide Turns. I’m in.

It was a thing of beauty. I know the quest pretty well, and with the New and Improved Sparksy it was like a speed run. Everything was locked down, everything. No one took any damage from anything except traps. The trash was held or dancing (or both!) and quickly killed. Red Names were surrounded and nuked till there was nothing left. It was DDO poetry.

So far, so good!

What do you think?

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