Sep 112011

I don’t know why this got put off so long, but last night I finally went through the enhancement changes from update 9 and applied them to my capped Tim the Enchanter build wizard.

My girlfriend is playing the build too, a handy source of reminders! Fortunately, girlfriends are like that 🙂

There are two sets of changes:

  • Shuffled the feat stack so that the feats that help with Enchantment spells come available earlier. After all, the build is Tim the Enchanter 🙂
  • Modified the enhancements to accommodate update 9 changes

Overall, I think update 9 reduced the effectiveness of this build. I used to be able to max out Force and Repair spell lines with the same enhancement points and still have enough leftover to build up Electric too. That is no longer the case

On the other hand, it is a really good excuse to ditch the Repair line. Good bye Repair line, I’m not going to miss you much, I didn’t build a wizard so I could play healer to warforged …

I know everyone is all about the Pale Master prestige enhancement, Archmage builds like this one are less sought. All I can say is that Pale Masters are icky – seriously icky, read about them some time – and my capped wizard has run every epic in the game and does just fine.

Or maybe I should say, the build does just fine. I however remain a very sketchy player.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Now I want to roll a new toon just so I can try the “Tim the Enchanter” build. 😀

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