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A man stands atop a mountain spewing fireballs from his hands

King: What manner of man are you that can summon up fire without flint or tinder?

The man points and a ball of fire leaps from his finger exploding upon a far cliff

Man: I… am an enchanter

The man waves his staff and a towering jet of flame shoots forth. A crowd of knights murmur appreciatively

King: By what name are you known?

The man launches another fireball, and then a second, and finally in a paroxysm of gestures, a third, all of which explode most fiercely. The crowd of knights ooh and aaah in wonder

Man: There are some who call me… ‘Tim’

Tim the Enchanter
Archmage Evoker/Enchanter
Level 20 True Neutral Halfling
(20 Wizard)

This build is by request for the girl I am dating (a most excellent excuse, I’ve been wanting to experiment with Archmage). She is requesting a wizard that is min/maxed for enchantment at end game but still able to nuke as effectively as possible.


  • Maximized crowd control on Epic
  • Very good nuking throughout
  • See how many spell points we can get

We are in a halfling-only guild and are therefore already giving up two possible INT but so it goes.

Open Questions:

  • Any more Enchantment DC or Spell Pen available somewhere I missed?
  • Any more spell points available somewhere I missed?
  • Why are the saves so low?


(32 Point)          Base               Ending                Geared 
Strength             10                 10                   10
Dexterity            10                 10                   10
Constitution         16                 16                   22
Intelligence         18                 30                   39
Wisdom                8                  8                    8
Charisma             10                 10                   16

Tomes Used

+1 Tome of Intelligence used at level 3
+2 Tome of Intelligence used at level 7

“Geared” includes only reasonably accessible kit – for instance it includes +3 exceptional INT from greensteel but does not include Litany of the Dead. I am not certain if a +2 INT tome would normally counts as reasonably accessible but in this case I have a spare to donate.


HP    305 (80Wiz + 20vitality +10draconic +60con +60conItem +45greensteel)
BAB    10
Fort   17 (6wiz + 3con +3conItem +5resistItem)
Reflex 11 (6wiz +5resistItem)
Will   20 (12wiz + 3wisItem +5resistItem

Spell Pen DC:   29 (20 + 4feats + 3enh + 2item)
Evocation DC:   33-41 (10 + 1-9spell + 18INT + 2feats + 1item + 1archmage)
Enchantment DC: 34-42 (10 + 1-9spell + 18INT + 2feats + 1item + 2archmage)

Saves are low. Why?

Spell points

 1000 Wizard 20
  250 INT
   75 INT item +6
   25 Exceptional INT +2
  105 Mental Toughness
  110 Wizard Energy of the Scholar IV
  400 Wizard Archmage V

  200 Archmagi item
  150 Greensteel

  -50 Archmage Spell Mastery I: Enchantment
  -50 Arcane Bolt
  -50 Archmage Secondary Spell Mastery I: Evocation
  -75 Archmage Spell Mastery II: Enchantment
 -100 Arcane Blast

The character builder is showing another 234 points but I can’t figure out why so am not including them.


                    Starting           Ending            Geared
Balance               2                 11                   21
Concentration         7                 30                   48
Diplomacy             0                 11                   11
Jump                  2                 11                   13
Repair                8                 33                   37
Search                4                 21                   25
Use Magic Device      2                 11                   11

UMD is probably a waste but I have to do something with the points…


Level 1  Spell Focus: Enchantment
Level 1  Spell Focus: Evocation (Wiz Bonus)
Level 3  Mental Toughness
Level 5  Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment (Wiz Bonus)
Level 6  Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
Level 9  Empower Spell
Level 10 Maximize Spell (Wiz Bonus)
Level 12 Extend Spell
Level 15 Heighten Spell (Wiz Bonus)
Level 15 Spell Penetration
Level 18 Greater Spell Penetration
Level 20 Eschew Materials (Wiz Bonus)

I was surprised that there was no min level for Greater Spell focus. I could definitely see moving them both down the stack to get Eschew Material sooner. For that matter, Greater Focus Evocation may not be necessary at all. I’m not a huge fan of Quicken on wizards but I know there are those who insist on it, and if so, swapping greater spell focus evocation or perhaps Eschew Material for Quicken is certainly valid.


    Wizard Concentration IV
    Wizard Lineage of Energy I
    Wizard Lineage of Elements II
    Wizard Lineage of Force III
    Wizard Energy Manipulation I
    Wizard Elemental Manipulation I
    Wizard Force Manipulation III
    Wizard Spell Penetration III
    Wizard Energy of the Scholar IV
    Wizard Intelligence III
    Wizard Archmage V
    Archmage Spell Mastery I: Enchantment
    Archmage Spell Mastery II: Enchantment
    Archmage Secondary Spell Mastery I: Evocation
    Arcane Bolt
    Arcane Blast
    Wizard Master of Magic

It might be more effective to drop Arcane Bolt and Blast, save 150 SP, and put all of the enhancements into the Fire/Cold line. But this looks fun too and is a better exercise of the new capabilities.

Notice that there are no spell-like abilities except the unique new Arcane damagers. My opinion is that SLAs that duplicate existing spells are a useless mana burden to a wizard. Just take the spells: there are plenty of spell points to pay for them when needed.

This build created using
Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 3.51
DDO Character Planner Home Page
Thanks to Ron and the Planner team!


  • Forgot false life. Updated and added 30 hit points

What do you think?

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