Mar 202014

There’s a new Greensteel in town. That’s right, all you tainted implements of Shavarath, you have been supplanted by the new Thunder-Forged weapon crafting system*.

Or at least that appears to be Turbine’s intent.

They are not an identical replacement, Greensteel is for Heroic questing while Thunder-forged is definitely for Epics.

* And by Thunder-Forged we mean the new DDO version, not the WoW Thunderforged raid drop weapons introduced last year

But there are more similarities between Greensteel and Thunder-Forged than there are differences:

  • Both have multiple tiers and allow the addition of new powers and features at each tier
  • Both are hugely flexible in terms of the differing kinds of effects you can add to one weapon
  • Both require multiple trips through a raid to fully implement

The biggest difference is the sheer number of raids one must attempt to build a weapon. Even the unluckiest soul should be able to make pretty much any greensteel weapon he chooses after 20 Shroud runs. Meanwhile, others are estimating that it may take at least 30 runs through both Fire on Thunder Peak and Temple of the Deathwyrm to finish off your Thunder-Forged weapon.

We’ll see about that over time. DDO players seem to generally overestimate the difficulty of new systems. And we are very good at discovering shortcuts and efficiencies.

All I know for sure is that it took one full sweep of the Ruins of Thunderholme plus a couple of targeted named-hunting forays for my Gamer Girl and I to accumulate enough Dwarven Ingots to create one Tier 0 weapon.

And what a nice looking weapon it is!

Chelena and her new Thunder-Forged Maul

Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling)
and her new Thunder-Forged Maul

It will cost her another 60 ingots and 45 Commendations of Valor to upgrade to Tier 1. When she does, she will have choices:

  • Blinding Fear: 6 second Blindness plus Shaken
  • Touch of Shadows: 8D6 negative energy damage
  • Touch of Flames: 10D6 fire damage
  • First Degree Burns: 5D6 fire damage + a stacking add to damage taken by opponent

Or she could go outside of the box and take Devotion: 150 Devotion spellpower would make her Dragonmarks of Jorasco sizzle! But at the expense of significant DPS potential.

And the choices only get wider and deeper at each tier. DPS? Debuffs? Buffs? Even a limited form of AoE healing. Many, many choices.

I think I’d really like to make two mauls for Chelena. One that is stuffed full of debuffs (Blinding and Paralyzing and two Negative Levels) and another that is purely DPS (I’m not counting but it looks like I can add somewhere around a thousand D6 of fire damage).

And that is just Chelena. I have 18 more characters on Sarlona.

Guess I better get busy. Those dragon raids ain’t gonna complete themselves.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I’m no expert, but Draconic Reinvigoration looks like it will be somewhere around FREAKING AWESOME. Effectively it’s endless Smites, Boosts, and it looks like it will make songs like Reign a viable Twist of Fate.

  2. Lol, you haven’t seen what the weapon turns into once you add that 1st tier. Its a God Awful cloud of a smoke monster hovering above your waist. Shadowscale armor is the same, smoke cloud added on top of rehashed Black Dragonscale armor…

  3. The new effects definitely sound interesting!!

  4. They look really cool. I for one am a fan of the choice between dps styles (either fire or negative energy), debuffs (blinding,paralysis, negs,slow) and some utility choices like spell power and utility options like reinvigorate.

    Also, the base models themselves look really nice so hopefully once they fix the smoke cloud they’ll be really cool looking even when upgraded.

  5. I made a tier 1 TF shuriken this weekend. Now, a star is the lowest base damage weapon in game (1d2). Now, I have a 4(1d2) with a 15-20 crit range, generating about 100 damage slashing, 50 negative energy per hit (not counting Shiradi effects). My Shuricannon thrower throws no fewer than 3 stars at a time. This thing, even at tier 1, carves through everything I’ve hit with it with extreme loathing.

    There are several dragons I’m looking forward to meeting now. Don’t forget that Epic Bane of Dragons on each of the things.

  6. Having recently got my Niky to 30 Ive been venturing into Thunderholme. The design of Thunderholme is amazing, the mobs are a little lacking and even the rares are fairly trivial to dispatch. So far just running around for rares is an easy enough way to accumulate ingots, though not particularly fast. The slayer XP is handy for my EDs though. The Thunder-forge longsword looks very nice. Looking forward to getting more tiers and the second one built.

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