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Thunder-Forged Knicker
Thunder-Forged Knicker

Just as I manage to fixate on three characters as being my “heavy rotation” set of characters, not even a full week later, change. I am so unable to focus that I can’t even focus on my inability to focus.

But it is what it is.

And so I add a fourth project to heavy rotation: Knicker Tan, my attempt to mirror River Tam from the Firefly stories, will be the next to walk the green mile and come out the other side anew.

Knicker is my TWF evasion barbarian. Nothing wrong with that, but I am not content with her performance in the end game, and I think it’s because she has to have STR and CON and DEX at such high values. Her reflex saves are good but not quite enough to rely on. Her DPS is good but not overwhelming. Her hit points are good but not quite good enough to avoid death problems. I think it would simplify her if she could focus on just two of the attributes. Meaning, a different build altogether.

But it would still have to be River Tam. More or less.

River Tam
Emulating this will not be easy

And so the idea formed almost without concentration, popping into my head in detail all at once. A Kensai/Monk DEX build specializing in Dwarven axes. She will lose the Frenzied Berserker – a key element to River’s make up – but make up for it with enhanced martial arts. River thinks like a berserker but fights like Jet Li.

Once I’ve had the idea I cannot un-have it. Kensai/Monk DEX build it is. Unless I am completely wrong about something, like I say, this popped into my head I didn’t research any of it. Worst case is that she will be a New and Improved version of what she is now, with Heroic and Epic past life feats and a two more starting build points buttressing her.

Either way, I have to get Knicker up to level 28 so she is eligible for the full TR. As she is level 26 now, that will take some doing. As I’ve already learned, her selection of level 20 axes is simply not getting the job done. Not even her beloved dual Epic Templars. No. Need to upgrade.

And so I found myself spending most of Sunday in the Ruins of Thunder Holme, battling endless hordes of dwarven skeletons with my axes until I could find and defeat the two raid quest-givers and (most importantly) the Thunder Forge.

It is amazing how many bad guys are in there, and how quickly they respawn. She reached 1500 slayer kills without even trying. Knicker was using a slayer potion, but still, 1500! In one long, extended, multi-hour session.

Eventually, success, and time to make something Thunder Forged. I had to swap in a different character to do the actual crafting. Dwarven Ingots and dragon scales are available on the auction house or shard exchange but Commendations of Valor are not and Knicker hasn’t gotten a ton of epic playtime. No worries, other characters have plenty, and soon I am in a Thunder Frenzy.

First, a couple of Dwarven axes, one with First Degree Burns and one with Blinding Fear. Then, remembering how frustrating it was to chop up all those skeletons with axes, two morning stars. One with First Degree Burns and one with Touch of Flames.

Knicker has enough Commendations to upgrade one item. Definitely not a morning star, those are for a very specific and narrow target. No, she is upgrading an axe, without question, and chooses to upgrade the Blinding Fear axe to also include Paralyzing Fear.

Not bad. I used Knicker last night as the Halfling Commandos attempted to finish up Three Barrel Cove. Knicker did well, the axes are pretty badass. Of course, Three Barrel Cove is not the end game so her deficiencies didn’t come into play. Still, the axes are an upgrade, and it shows in her performance.

So, success! Temporary success, for a couple of levels. Then … start over, all new, level 1 again.

It’s déjà vu all over again.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Sounds like it could be a very interesting build and character to play!!

  2. Nice!

    I like the new Heart Seeds and save my comms for the Forge.

    I made the weapons that were spell sticks and a few other fun ones.

  3. Your Templar axes no longer kick ass? But… I remember when you were so excited to have gotten the second one!

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