May 022011

My designated crafter is also my hagglebot, Coin Serf. Because she is my hagglebot, everyone else was already sending her all their vendor trash to sell; now everyone is sending looted essences to her as well.

Coin’s greatest attribute is not her CHA (although she is a pretty fair sorceror) or her DEX (although she makes good use of her Evasion feat). No, Coin’s greatest attribute is her giant pile of money.

As mentioned in a previous post, Coin swept the auction house for every armor or shield or clothing or jewelry or weapon with a prefix or suffix and bought every one that had a buyout of 2k plat or less.

Since that post she has done this again, several times. The market may be catching on, there is a suspiciously high number of trash items on the AH priced at precisely 2kpp, yet Coin gets a decent pile of deconstruction candidates on every pass.

The only thing she hasn’t done yet is buy essences directly. Too expensive. Prices will adjust, and then, maybe, but right now it is cheaper to buy items and deconstruct them.

The results so far:

Items deconstructed: 834
Shards crafted: 266
Total crafting XP: 6168

Arcane levels: 30
Divine levels: 25
Elemental levels: 26

By the way, there is no apparent profit in crafting actual items. It took awhile to realize this but now Coin just makes the shards and immediately throws them away. This seems unnecessarily wasteful. But in fact it saves time and money.

And that’s what this method of building crafting XP is all about: time, and money.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. and to think I just send all the essences I find, and most items to my low level cleric to get her skill up. Haven’t spent 150 plat as of yet.

  2. hey if you max out your ADE send me your essences 🙂 😀 🙂

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