Nov 302015

The Reincarnation Meat Grinder

When Turbine announced that Update 29 would definitely include a cap raise and published the new experience tables, it became immediately clear that this was the time – now – to reincarnate any characters that were ever going to reincarnate. Even if I am not certain they were destined to reincarnate. It is Now or Never.

I know I have mentioned this before, but it’s important. Or at least, game-important, which is not at all the same thing as real-life important. Yet still, if you play DDO a lot, this matters. Reincarnate now while the reincarnating is (relatively) easy.

And so I have. Over and over. Eight characters. Fortunately, Turbine has had a variety of XP-helpful bonus days – very helpful when eight characters to to finish off their leveling and/or karma. Even better, the DDO Store put a variety of reincarnation tools on sale too. I wonder how successful my reincarnation campaign would have been without that well-timed assistance?

The mass of restarts has given me a chance to update some older characters while I am at it, and for others, to try out some ideas and see how they play. Everyone is coming out of the reincarnation different than they went in. A veritable meat grinder indeed, characters go in raw, get finely minced, come out ready for further cooking.

Just remember to wash your hands first.

Mawry Haversack, fresh off her successful run as a Feybuckler, comes out a new build, the Dexterity Commando. Not sure how this is going to play out, it was not popular when posted on the forum for review, we’ll see how it goes.

Chelena Armstrong goes in a STR-based THF tactician fighter, but will be coming out a STR-based fighter/barbarian with as many Cleaves as she can acquire. Maybe enough to just Cleave all the time.

Knicker Tam, another STR-based melee, goes in as an evasion DPS Frenzied Barbarian build with lots of Cleaves, but comes out with all of her Cleaves replaced with single-target special attacks that do not slow down her attack animation when Haste-boosted. She will be killer on bosses. Not sure how she will do the rest of the quest.

Ejecta Patera goes in as an Archmage Shiradi DPS caster but comes out as an Archmage Enchanter. This was her original intent; I am hoping that the caster adjustments in Update 29 mean that Enchanting is a viable playstyle again! If not, back to Shiradi I suppose.

Sparksy Haversack, my OMG Artificer, is going in for sure. I am certain of it. But I remain unclear on what she is going to be on the other side. Probably still a caster-focused Artificer, I think that remains the best Artificer option, for now? I am just not certain.

Oriental Adventures is maybe the most problematic character of the lot; his build, the Fastest Fists in the West, isn’t hardy enough since the Armor Up changes. Max dodge and evasion is no longer as good as max PRR; no matter how good your chance to be missed, eventually something hits you and then … splat. Also, no one could remember that Oriental – who started out female-  was now a dude.

Into the grinder, out the other side. Now she is back, this time in Mountain stance, with PRR-favoring enhancements rather than attack speed favoring enhancements. If any monk can succeed in the current game it is this one. We’ll see.

Rancyd Danzig wasn’t going to reincarnate at all – he’s not even capped! But I had so much fun playing Mawry as a Feybuckler that I wanted someone to be a Feybuckler all the time. Permanently.

And most strange of all, Brymn Haversack ended up in the meat grinder too. Brymn, my second-ever character, who started as a fighter/cleric, re-rolled into a rogue-cleric when that failed, then when that failed too rerolled again into a pure cleric. Yes, “rerolled”, not reincarnated, this is an old character and we didn’t have reincarnate back then.

Ever since, Brymn has been a pure healbot. He swings a sword but only for decorative purposes; the monsters don’t even notice. Pure healbot. He had his day, back when the Shroud was the end game, healbots were needed and he rocked it. But that was then and this is now. Now he sits on the shelf, logging in just often enough to maintain his guild leader position, never playing.

But no more. I decided it was unseemly to have a level 20 guild leader and chose to cap Brymn. Slowly, painfully, there is no place for a healbot in today’s game. Nonetheless, I was determined, and levels accrued. The Update 29 announcement s were made just as Brymn was coming within striking distance of the cap.

Do I reincarnate Brymn too?

Dare I?

Yes. Brymn too. Into a build I will post next week, but that I am calling the Mandatory Healer build. The new Brymn isn’t going to watch your hit point bar. No. He is going to wade into the fray, intimidate everything, tank whatever needs tanking, and then commence healing you all the time whether you like it or not. Constant ticks of massive healing. He is going to heal the hell out of you.

Forcible healing. Coming soon to a PUG near you.

Happy reincarnation week everyone!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. *groan* is it time to empty the TR cache again?

  2. Sorry for being a noob, but what does PUG mean?

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