Mar 072012
Torment Crew - click for full size image
Torment crew reporting
for duty Sir! Err … Ma’am!

They are:

That’s it. Bring these three with you and things will go ever so much more smoothly.

Heystack for his healing but also his very lovely Mass Deathward. Elder Fire Elemental for her ability to flame zombies (Mmmmm … Zombie Flambé!). And Onyx Panther because it is just that awesome.

This is the perfect combination. As long as you remember to re-summon the fire elemental and order Heystack to re-cast Mass Deathward every so often, you can go about your Tomb of Torment business undisturbed. All the interruption-free time you need.

You may have been expecting spoilers here on how to beat the quest “challenges”. But no, this is the singularly most unique quest in the game. Some love it, some hate it, but everyone should try it, once, unencumbered by the expectations and opinions of others.

But bring friends 🙂

The best tip ever:
Tomb of Torment Superfriends!
Heystack, Panther, Fire

Seriously. I can’t imagine soloing this any other way.

p.s. “Fire” is a one-syllable word in the South

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Only one problem with those suggestions. They are not available at the tie you should be running that quest. Which is to say when you are in range to get the very nice xp from it.

  2. You are right! Nor could you summon a fire elemental without being a caster of some type. Hmmm. Quest is level 11, on elite is 13, you are still in prime XP range at 15 …

    An air elemental (Monster Summoning VIII or a Cove gem) or a Chaos Beholder (Sane Asylum) could possibly fill the role of the fire elemental. Maybe even a Dense Earth Elemental (Shroud greensteel).

    A gold-seal melee could sub for the Panther, and Tempys Lorben (level 14) could be the Mass Deathward provider.

    Ah hah! We’re still good!

  3. Oh, if only they had versions of the panther that you could trade up/down as desired… or just outright summon any level you desire (within the +2 of your level maximum, of course)

  4. OK, well, “fire” is a one-sylable word in most of the English-speaking world, too. (hehehe)

  5. After you do this quest once it becomes fairly easy. The first time through is generally the most taxing. There are actually quite a few good strategies for handling the spawns, depending on your class.

  6. I can see using the Cove’s Air elemental – it’s really nice at crowd control – but if you’re trying to do TotT at level, best to get an arcane to cast firewall and chain missiles while you go about your business. You can always ask them to pretend they’re an onyx panther and meow!

    ‘Fire’ can also be two syllables in the South. It depends on whether or not you watch Public Television. 🙂 But yay! DDO Haiku FTW!

  7. Panther rocks 🙂 I take him everywhere for the giggles. Even though I can solo a dungeon without any hire, I’ll bring him for company :). It’s so cute on my arti with the pet and the panther!

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