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As a child you are always told that if you want something bad enough, and are willing to work for it hard enough, you can get it.

Hah! As if!

Remember “The Little Engine That Could”? I think I can, I think I can? Shameless propaganda.

But I am not bitter. Not even all that disappointed. But this incarnation of the Halfling Commandos is simply not going to beat Mark of Death.

Okay maybe I am a little disappointed. But only a little. The fun was in the trying, and we tried like crazy.


Is everyone here?

Is everyone here?

After three weeks and … 15 or 16, not sure … individual attempts, it is time to put this particular raid away for awhile and move onto something else. We are not leaving forever, mind you, only for now.

The initial movement over the water to distant portals is our undoing. It is beyond us. At least this version of us.

Our first week, we were joined by Turbine’s own Cordovan to provide expert guidance. Cool cool!

But fail, fail. It seemed that lag was to blame, we just couldn’t accurately drive our characters over the platforms without falling in the water and dying. We gave it a good go, six attempts, I think, without ever reaching one of the portals.


It is so interesting in here. So styled! So … Bond villain-like. Click for the Bondian wallpaper version.


Our second week we were Cordovan-less but even more determined. Different people tried the goggles so more people could see where the platforms are. But again, five more attempts failed.

One time we reached the end of the platforms but the portal disappeared! And soon the platform disappeared too and we were in the water and dead. Again.

The learning curve is repeated each time someone new takes the goggles for the first time. I thought that was probably the issue; practice would make perfect.

Or so I thought.


The Black Abbot

We never even got to see Vol. Just lots of this guy. The Black Abbot. Who isn’t even black but rather a sort of pasty grey.


Last night was week three. We again had new people on the goggles, but also we had a new strategy. We’d been sending a few people on the platform trek while most stayed on the main dais. This time we reversed that and sent most everyone over the platforms.

We also identified a couple of people who were going to avoid the platforms altogether and just swim for the portal.

And the new strategy worked! A little. For the first time, we got someone into a portal. Someone all by himself, with half hit points and no self healing. But still, someone!

Buttressed by this near success, we kept at it. On our fifth attempt of the evening, we got a tankly fighter and heal-scroll-wielding rogue in there together. They were slowly whittling away at the Death Knight, apparently it has a lot of hit points, and the tankly fighter does not have a lot of DPS. He is a tank.

Nonetheless, success was slowly occurring.

But things were going grimly on the main dais. Lots of soulstones. Lots of death penalties beginning to add up. We didn’t have the ability to crowd control the monsters so we just kept enduring them. And it wore on us.

Suddenly, a bad series of bad things, and we were all dead at once. Causing the Abbot to summon everyone back to the center of the dais, including our portal team, leaving the Death Knight down to 10% of hit points but still very much un-killed.

And that was that for the evening.

Three strikes, and we’re out. Next week is a different raid. Enough Mark of Death, at least for now.


Hit Points

That’s your problem, right there


I think this chart explains our issue better than words can. Those numbers are the hit points of the characters on the raid last night.

Our guild has a lot of rogues, and a lot of super-high ranged DPS, and a lot of clever players who play cleverly. But we don’t have a lot of hit points.

Not enough for something like Mark of Death. My character has 915 hit points and lots of self-healing – she’s a Favored Soul – and I still had some difficulty staying alive.

I can’t imagine what it would have been like in there trying to run around in there with 500.

Wait, yes I can, it would look something like this:


Soulstone of Beatifica

Oops I did it again


Except with even less hit points.

Although when you are a soulstone, the time for hit points has passed.

Long passed.

We’ll get you next time, Mark of Death, whenever “next time” might be.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Abbot is a bit of an a-hole. If you’re already struggling with one of the parts.. he will make it more … interesting, by spamming inferno on you.

    Kudos for determination.

  2. Can you correct a guildie’s ignorance? Why do you need HP when you are swimming? My bard Hawklilly can swim forever underwater without drowning because of two items of the Corsair’s Cunning set I wear.

  3. Ah yes, the Abbot has long been a bane of mine as well. I have previously admitted (and am now re-admitting) that my only heroic Abbot completions were basically me piking in groups that could get it done. I’ve done better in Mark of Death, but yeah…

  4. See, you’re having fun, though, and that’s the only thing that’s really important. Completions are great, but if you’re enjoying yourself, nothing else matters!

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