Nov 102014

This is my favorite video capture to-date, out of all them, this is the very best. To me anyway. Like all of my other video captures, I want to transform it into a looping GIF I can post for all.

Even YouTube has had to fuzz it up to save bandwidth. The original version is much sharper than you can see here.

You may recognize this as the source of a DDO Postcard from a few weeks ago. I’ve been saving the video for some time now, hoping to share it with everyone.

But I just can’t. Every time I convert it, every time, it either gets choppy, or loses detail, or is so big that even I can’t bring myself to inflict it on anyone. 98 meg. That big.

Does anyone else have any idea how to GIF this, maintain the loveliness of the video, yet in a compact form that can be shared? Other than as a youtube link?

If you can figure this out, I will reward you with riches and fame. Or at least, copious praise here on DDOGamer. And a shout out the next time I am on DDOCast (assuming, of course, that there is a next time I am on DDOCast. One can never be too sure about these things).



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  1. As you probably know, GIFs are limited to an 8-bit color depth so there’s not much you can do about the loss of quality in that regard. You might be able to optimize the palette for each frame, but putting them all together in a single, animated file would reset the global color table anyway. You best options are either to leave it as an MP4 on YouTube (or Vimeo), script it as an animated JPG sequence ( or create an HTML5 animation (, for those browsers that support that standard. None are really what you want, but your options are rather limited.

    • Actually I did not know that, although it makes sense considering the hoary origins of the GIF. The format came from CompuServe, right? Back in the 80s? I’m sure that 8 bits seemed like a lot back then πŸ™‚

      I’ll look into the HTML5 imaging tools, I glanced at them already and they seem like a lot of work, but probably worth it. Thanks for the links!

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