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No, no adventuring for little gnomes until all your turbines are back in running order!

No, no adventuring for little gnomes until all your turbines are back in running order!

Dev for a day
I’d have nothing to say
For my Ps and my Qs would
Get in the way but
Oh If I had my way:

One gnome grown in Eberron. Avoid the direct use of the Mark of Scribing. The idea of a three-foot-nothing lemur running around with a vorpal 2H pencil shouts of the ridiculous.

If the gnome is little more than a reskinned halfling with the same animations to-boot; count me out. I’m ok if our Devs provide us with a few opportunities to skin halflings; Luedwig has noticed a distinct lack of tiny skeletons, swinging from the ends of all those chains, in all our dungeons. This must be addressed.

I don’t want to slip into the role of a gnome and find myself riding shotgun to the reanimated “bones” of a halfling. Speaking of halflings, I can’t wait to hear what the Commandos have planned for the new arrivals in the game. Tough times ahead I’m sure, especially if the gnomes are like, truly awesome and like fun and like awesome. Jealousies and conflicts and like, totally bitter-pies for everyone. πŸ˜‰

The 2nd gnome, our Svirfneblin, grown in Faerun, might rise from the chaos surrounding the results of our last visit to the Underdark. How many of us have fallen down that chasm? Come on, there has to be some form of pay-back or reward in the works for all that grief. Unspoken thought; x1000, “Someone has to notice all these bodies of mine falling past…”. And what about the Aboleth that lurks in that lake over there? I won’t name names, partly because I can neither spell nor pronounce anything in “Abolethy” but I have it from a reliable source that ‘neblin meat has been made a surprising surge on local menus in recent weeks. Yum!

I have never been a fan of Iconics but I think that if a Svirfneblin Iconic was to emerge from the Underdark, in an aftermath-continuation of our dealings with Lolth I might give it a spin. Perhaps a quest or two to support the story side of things?

Racial weapon bonus’. I wonder if we’ll finally have a reason to use light hammers and light picks? One would think so! No? Well, I suppose we could revisit our Eberron-gnome and the idea of a Fastest Pencil in the West.

I have two cosmetic pets in mind. One is for the gnome from Eberron. One is, duh, for the Svirfneblin of Faerun. Let’s start with the Svirfneblin; the cosmetic pet for the gnome from Faerun will be… The Pony! Yes, the Pony! Everybody wants a pony and I’ve placed my candidate for the job in the upper-left corner of the image above. I snapped this pic last year while in Banff, Alberta; Cute and sturdy and resilient and cute and intelligent and loyal and …did I mention cute? Adorable, endearing, mischievous, cute! Maybe the first “cosmetic” in the game to carry extra backpack storage slots?

The cosmetic pet that I would suggest for the gnome of Eberron would be A-Disembodied-Voice. This one is a money maker AND in it’s own way works to support the lore surrounding House Sivis. Remember; House Sivis is attached to the Mark of Scribing which is all about language and communication, “…sometimes over great distances.” And don’t forget the Speaking Stone; an invention of House Sivis which btw is supposed to be operated BY a Gnome, bearing the Mark of Scribing.

A disembodied voice emanates from within the globe. The disembodied voice gets an audio-clip rather than the visual animations of other cosmetic companions; a choice of various DM hooks. I might choose to keep my DV invisible but an animation to pay homage to the original Tron “bit” might work as well.
-“Resign yourself to failure…” Black Loch. I really want this one for every time the rogue fails or someone in-group asks for advice. πŸ˜‰
-“What trollish behaviour could have created such a startling…” The Forgotten Caverns.
-“It doesn’t take a Kalashtar…” Justice for Grust, Sorrowdusk
-your own personal favourite DM sound-bite, from somewhere, anywhere in the game that the Devs might assign a TP value. Hmmm, I wonder what happens if a parrot hears a clip enough times…

Thanks for visiting,
Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. We’re not in space so it is ok for you to just scream, “Gnoooo2me”. ‘Cause in space, no one can hear you scream, “Gnooooo2me!”

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  1. Oh, the stresses of going gnome for the holidays…

    I’ve actually been down there is a point to light picks and hammers versus their heavier brethren: as odd as it sounds, they’re Finesseable.

  2. Svirfneblin should be released as an Iconic, not a premium race like common Gnomes.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the implementation of the gnomes. I’ll be curious to see their dances :).

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