Dec 232014

Postcard from the Past
Moooooove over, there’s a new boss in town. No bull.

When this guy popped out of the portal it was quite unexpected. “Wait”, I thought, “we’ve already won! The quest is over! We even have our XP!” but my panic/surprise/displeasure was as short-lived as it was misplaced: this goristro* was not here to fight us, he’s just a plot expositor, setting up the cliffhanger for the next episode in the story arc.

* Yes, “goristro”. Like a combination of “gorilla” and “toro”, A bull/buffalo/demon.

No worries. Even later, when you actually do fight a goristro, it’s not so bad. They’re an easier out than most things in the demonweb; not as magic resistant as drow, not as castery-spell dangerous as the Yugoloth, not as incorporeal as (any of the many incorporeal enemies out there), and nowhere near as hard a hitter as their demonic brothers-in-four-arms the draegloth or the glabrezu.

Kind of cute, really, trying to appear so scary angry but coming across as sort of bovine and furry. A goristro looks like a friendly hill giant putting together a minotaur cosplay for a monster convention.

Nothing to worry about here. Moooooooove along.

It’s the last big family Christmas in our rural North Carolina farmhouse. This big an endeavor is a full-time effort: thus another series of postcards sharing some of my favorite DDO views with you all. Happy Holidays! And don’t forget to enter the contest!

Hope you have/are having/had a great holiday! See you back here on January 5, 2015, with yet another two-fisted helping of useless tripe, DDOGamer-style.

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