Mar 152016

Hey Grimorde – this GIF’s for you.

Yes, sorry everyone else, an entire post for just Grimorde. When I first had this idea I admit to being somewhat recalcitrant. I mean, an entire post? For one person? Who didn’t even ask for it?

But then I thought about Update 30 and that answered it for me. If Turbine is able to put out an entire quarterly DDO update that is 100% fan service, who am I to do other than follow suit.

So, here you go Grimorde. I hope it is to your liking.

No one else should click this image, for any reason.

Just no.

Don’t do it.

This isn't flattering. It's mortifying!

I warned you!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  9 Responses to “This Isn’t Flattering. It’s Mortifying!”

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  1. OMG that’s awesome! Thank you!

    [I’m keeping this gif as well…]


  2. I looked.. not my style. weapon shipment succumbs is hotter.

    hey everyone… don’t click this link… of course we are all gona look…

  3. Junk in the trunk.

  4. Having returned last night from a week in Cuba; those are real, click a look, don’t touch!

  5. male bonding through the use of a third party female is called ‘homosocial.’ Also consider that it was probably a male who designed Malicia.
    I plead guilty in this though; I clicked the image and went quiet for a but.

  6. I noticed a rogue trying to get a close up look. She noticed and broke his nose. So THAT’S what the cane is for…

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