Jul 012014

I awoke at my usual 6:00am and began the process of coffee bean to coffee nectar. Life in hand I made my way to Eveningstar for some pre-guild activities. Luedwig and Ajum Pingpot his Warforged, Palemaster of Piking/alt accountant visited Druid’s Deep to finish the arc then decided to restart the whole thing over. After running Outbreak, the first in the arc, we stopped and on a whimsy jumped back in for a Murder By Night. I would never request a Tangleroot reboot elsewhere in our universe but I believe I like the idea of the occasional re-entry into familiar layouts in pursuit of new objectives. Ty Turbine.

....an Opportunity!

….an Opportunity!

Murder By Night went swimmingly smooth. Of course it did for we are far over-level. Lvl-19 quest on Elite(21) runs pretty close to Lvl-23 on Hard(24). I think that’s a bit silly but don’t take that as another call to weak-sauce heroic content again. I just wish I had a toggle that I could TOGGLE to turn scaling OFF on quest per quest basis. Why can’t I as a paying VIP run epic hard either scaled or un-scaled depending upon my mood of the day?! Oh well, like I said, everything went swimmingly-well until Luedwig turned to leave the quest. Strangely enough I have a very REAL memory that Spot was there the VERY FIRST TIME I ran this quest with a Level-18 Pug during opening week.
I have decided that rather than report the bug I will call upon all of you to rally to the call; Golly G Devs, Long Live Spot! Oh and um… with such an awesomely named End Boss(if you don’t know, I am not telling), I am puzzled to consider the possibility that the Seven-Fingered Gloves found in The Restless Iles do not spawn a humorous dialogue tie-in with the End Boss…..or do they? Maybe a sort of confused “do I know you?” or “I thought you were someone else…” or even a passive 200% buff to a character’s Intimidate skill until he/she can Diplo-out a straightening of the facts. 😉

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  1. I had an owlbear peeking through a wall at me the other day. But he left before I could get a decent screenie.

  2. Yeah, we had a Kobold in Crystal Cove get stick in a rock just yesterday. Wouldn’t have been such a big deal if he were one of the regular workers. Unfortunately, he was the one who had just picked up the progenitor crystal. Grrr…

    • Oh yuck! That kinda stuck inside is an issue to be fixed, for sure. No time or patience for story boarding there unless maybe it’s a board to the back of the head to someone, like me? Who tries….. Lol don’t tell my guildies but I would love to see more fun with ladder bugs along the line of the box breaking Iron Defender. Come on devs. Get in there and place a few snares or Taken-gooo on the bottom rungs of the most persistent ladder 😉

    • There is a crevice at the base of the main ramp where kobolds get stuck semi-regularly. A carefully placed DDoor will encourage the kobold to free itself.

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