Apr 192015

Tickle tickle

Several months ago, a young adventurer slipped into the library of his just deceased Great, great great and flatulant grandmother. He discovered there an ancient tome; The Ancient Tome of Better Forgotten Destinies. No one noticed it’s absence in the days that followed. His Great great great and flatulant grandmother’s estate was divided, fractured and mailed off to the three corners of Eberron in a shining example of the Axiomatic Block of Chopping and Re-Division at it’s very best.

The young adventurer submerged himself into the wonders of the tome. For days he dreamed and pined and absorbed the murky depths of it’s elusive wisdom. One destiny of questionable prestige(questionable to the uninitiated, of course) spoke to him immediately and in the end it was this destiny that he settled upon; The Dragon Tickler! From that moment forward his fate was sealed. He dedicated all his free time to unraveling it’s complex and delightfully intricate, descending spirals of twisted logic.

Heroically speaking, the early career of the budding Dragon Tickler showed a lot of promise. He tickled many kobolds. He tickled them in warehouses and he tickled them in sewers. He even tickled them while defending garrisons and guards and boxes. It wasn’t very long before he was even tickling troglodytes into crying, weeping, pleading submission. Everyone in Stormreach was beginning to talk about the young Tickler of Dragons. Capshaw said so in a letter and sure enough; favours from all across Eberron had begun to knock at the door of our young adventurer.

Tickled pink, crisp.

We were not amused!

Flowers, condolences and gifts of thoughtful irrelevance can be posted at your local mailbox, care of Luedwig Bait H’oven. Please provide the text; “Dragon Tickler” somewhere on the front of your envelop.

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