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Feb 192014

Amazing Dad and Amazing Jay
This is my Dad. Douglas Hanna. It’s not the best pic of him but it is my most recent. It is also my youngest son Jarrett, an awesome dude in his own right, but this is not about him, this is about my Dad. He’s in his mid-seventies. He is why I am a gamer, but this is not about me either, this is about my Dad.

He is the primary caregiver helping his wife through her battle with the big C. He and his wife are raising her 12-year old granddaughter; full time, she lives with them. And he still works. Only part time, but still, work. He writes magazine articles. Hundreds of them.

Meanwhile, he has written three books. Since he turned 75*.

Sometimes, when I reach peak performance, I achieve about half of the productivity that my Dad puts out every day. Every day. Did I mention that he is in his mid-seventies?

What an amazing dude.

I suspect that many of you have amazing dads. I am writing about Dad today because he has started up a blog about dogs and dog health. Yes, my Dad, adding webmaster and blogsmith to his continuously-growing list of adjectives.

He asked if I would mind linking to his new blog. Which of course, being the good son, I will totally do. So … this is his blog.

And so is this:
Health Dog Times

And so is this: Healthy Dog Times

There you go, a nice blog about nice dogs written by a nice Dad.

Insert your own joke here about teaching an old dog new tricks.
🙂 😀 🙂
*Actually it is more than three, he writes them as books and as ebooks and for Kindle and in just about every other format that exists.

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  1. You have a great dad… and he has a great son. 🙂

  2. Yes I too have an awesome dad. But this blog post is about your dad – so I won’t go on about him 😀

  3. You look so much like your dad! guess it’s all in the genes there 🙂

  4. Great example of why one should never say being to old, or not finding the time is a good excuse not to do something!

  5. Very cool! Good luck to the elder Hanna, too!

  6. Dads rock!

    …or so I hear. 🙂

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