Jan 292010

Yes I did. On Normal. And I am quite proud of myself.

Now before you post all the /yawns I did it at level (4th), with a (mostly) rogue.

Okay, not a big deal, and what little glory may remain is largely spoiled by the fact that Turbine has eased up the difficulty on the fire traps and the end fight.

Yet still, this is something I would not even have attempted with most of my characters at 4th level. The new Mawry is working out really well, much more effective than in her last life. She’s not even twinked up; she’s just good.

It’s a nice feeling πŸ™‚ I’ll have to post the build details.

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  1. You did good πŸ˜‰

    Now do catacombs πŸ˜€

  2. I got through to the 2nd boss with a 5th level wizard, but I got mobbed and died as I wasn’t expecting it as it was the first time.

    Haven’t tried since as I can’t afford to lose the characters, but I think it should be possible to do it on normal.

    Wouldn’t want to try on hard solo until I was a little higher.

  3. Sorry for not knowing the abbreviations but what is STK?

    Grats either way. Some instances are a pain with a group, let alone solo. πŸ™‚

  4. STK or Shan-To-Kor is a lovely quest to solo. You can do with virtually any class at the assigned level for the quest. I rememember before the new boss was put in and he was a fire giant with properties of a contruct, taking my rogue in there many times to run the quest through. I find used to find it especially easy with a ranger as there are many places to stand and shoot the mobs. For information sake I will say I am the kind of player that likes to get all bonus possible so I didn’t zerg past using hypno which I imagine would be simple.

    Still well done, I know STK was one of the first quests that I solo’d and it gave me a lot of confidence to go on a solo other quests too.

  5. @ikkle.D

    Awesome, thank you. I don’t think I’ve done it yet, it sounds pretty fun!

  6. @raskzak: Hah! Catacombs down now too. Except I’ve solo’d that one lots of times so I’m not overly feeling it. Sharn Syndicate also in the books, but again, not my first time soloing the quest chain.

    Something about STK is just special. For me anyway, it really is one of the better quest chains in the game.

    I wonder if I can solo Tangleroot? I am guessing no, or at least not with a rogue… hmmmmm ….

  7. Tangleroot’s actually not that bad, soloed it with litlfreak at level 5

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