May 022014

The Mizza Zone

Its true Its true! I swear on Comics life its true! If its not Im sure hes not too hard to find and exact vengence upon.

Anywhoo, technical difficulties of the difficultly technical sort have kept me miles away from blogging. Also the lack of cheese. But mostly difficult technical difficulties. But now Im back! I know Ive been missed. Im so easy to miss. Im just that awesome. I have to sort through thousands of fan mails each day… Thats not true. Thank goodness.


So, what has a Mizzanatalieroo been up to? Well, due to annoyingly annoying stuff keeping popping up, I havent been able to do a whole lot of Comical weekends. However, What we HAVE done has been fun. A few weeks ago I killed my very first dragons(a baby and its mama). That was pretty exciting. I thought we were doomed against the mama but my epic awesomness saw us through to victory! Oh yes indeed!

We also did some more Gianthold. Though we encountered some difficulties in one or two of the quests and have decided to skip them for the time being. Or at least Ive decided we should skip them.

After that I decided I wanted a break from the pink land and do something else. I remembered there was this one quest that killed my Monk way back in the day and I wanted revenge. So I told Comic we were going to do that quest. Turns out its part of some chain or another and we had to do some other quest first. Se we did! There were some crazy people that needed marking. Doggies that were bad. Flood were everywhere. Roofs were jumped upon. Good times were had. Then we reached the quest I wanted to do and BAM! Revenge was mine. It was oh so sweet. Yummy in my tummy!

At some point in my Artificers career, she managed to pick up her first looted hair dye! Oh I was so excited! Not for the color. Oh no. But for the fact I found something SO COOL! Seriously! But now, she has an excuse for why she goes full retard sometimes! SHES NOW OFFICIALLY A BLONDE! Oh yes. Is true. Shes now dumber than… things that are dumb! Yup!


Im having yummy chicken for dinner! YUUUUMMMM!!!!

Aside from that, my free gold membership ran out for my Xbox Live account a couple days back. Thats kinda a bummer but Ill be getting a year sub soonish again so thatll be great. My sisters gonna buy Halo 4 and get me set up with Borderlands so that we all(we all being me and my sibsibs) can play together. Im definetly excited for that. Oh yes. Yes indeed!

Then, of course, theres SWTOR! The single greatest MMO ever created in the history of MMOs! I mean… Its freaking Star Wars! Ive mostly spent time playing on my Trooper. Got him from lvl 34 to 39. Was definetly happy about that. Finally finished up Balmorra, finished Quesh and now hes onto Hoth for his story missions. Though Im going to have him head back to Alderaan in order to do the Bonus Series there now that he can. Thatll be after I earn enough Comms to buy armor mods for Elara. Hes a whole ton of fun to play and Trooper is still by far my favorite class. By MILES!

After Quesh I realized that my Trooper was nearing the Credit cap so I decided to head over to the GTN and look for a good account unlock to buy. After a night of thinking on it, I decided that buying an additional character slot would be most beneficial for me. Not that I had many options to choose from to begin with. But still, a good buy! I now have 7 slots!

More recently, I made a new Jedi Consular/Sage. Hes kinda an experimental character. I already know I like the Sage class but as he progresses, Im having him do the daily/weekly PvP stuff as well. Easy Credits & XP. So far, its worked out fairly well. He has a total of 1 win on Galactic Starfighter and 0 wins in Warzones. Im not the best at them, not even close(especially on Starfighter) but I do try my butt of to contribute in some fashion. Like following a decently leveled player around and healing & shielding them. I think thats helpful. Theyre better than me so the longer they live, the longer I live! That is until the other team sees me healing. Then I switch to dealing as much damage as possible before I croak. Other times I just straight up go for killing the other players. Namely the ones who are lower than my level. Easy kills are easy medals! In Starfighter… I suck ass. Seriously. I have a grand total of 0 personal kills in 7 matches. Ive gotten plenty of assists but I have yet to kill another player in it and that really sucks. Its not me, either. Its the damn controls for the game mode. Theyre anti Natalie. I cant seem to get the hang of them. The people that HAVE gotten the hang of them, good for them! I cant. Now, if they could be more keyboard based and less mouse based, THEN I think I could dominate. Otherwise, Im just an easy target who dies 9 times a match. Thats never fun.

Then, yesterday, my sister was able to play for the first time in ages. That made me extatic because we were on to Taris when we left off and I knew shed love the planet. And I was right. The Rakghouls on Taris were far more exciting and interesting to her than the ones from KOTOR 1. That and the references to things Revan did all made for a fun time. We still arent done with the planet, not even close, but I know she’ll love it even more the deeper into it we go. When the Rakghouls become REALLY interesting. I also managed to persuade her into spending the $5 needed(minimum) to become a preferred player so she can finally use the bank.

I did encounter a major pain in the arse though when I learned that preferred players arent allowed to use ANY chats until level 10. It wasnt even like that when I was F2P. It was more like you could say something in Gen chat once every 45 or so seconds but in party & guild chat you could talk as much as you wanted. Now you cant even talk to your party or guildies until lvl 10 unless you sub. Stupid stupid change. Im hoping someone flipped that switch by accident and that itll be back to normal again soon.

Today, double XP weekend began. I was going to play my new Consular today except my sister texted me and was like ‘Bitch! We gonna play this shizz or what dawg?!’ Except I really didnt wanna play ‘Pub side. So we both made up Imp side characters! However, we had a ever so slight difference in styles. I wanted to play a Bounty Hunter. She wanted to play a Sith Warrior. So I was like ‘Bitch! Screw you then! You soloing that Sithy shit!’. Actually not that bad of an idea for her to solo a bit anyways. Itd give her a bit mor experience in how the games played how her character functions and whatnot. Shes gonna go with Marauder which is the twin Advanced Class to her Sentenial. She was gonna try Juggernaut but changed her mind once she learned what a tank was. So, Im gonna be the tank, she will be the DPS. Itll work out pretty well me thinks.


This is Leindif, my Sage experiment guy person.


This here is EightofTen. Hes my Bounty Hunter thats gonna be running around with my sissypoop.

I wont be able to play anything Saturday or Sunday because I have stupid stuff thats stupid that I gotta do. So thats kinda dull. Ah well. Stuff happens!

Anyways, thats it! Thats all Ive gotta say! Yup! Hope you enjoyed the blog and stuff and Ill write whenever I can again! YEAH!


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  1. *Reads first line of blog* WHAT?!? But…but…but…

  2. I haven’t played SWTOR in ages, my characters are probably all still level 1… And you’re right, the current “freemium” model in that game is weird.

    I should totally run with the Mizz crew in DDO sometime, we could go cheese hunting!

  3. 8 of 10? 😛

  4. Congrats on the first dragon kil!!l…have to love Mired in Kobolds…

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