Jun 192015

Free Alignment! No tire purchase needed!

So it seems there is a wrinkle in the warlock creation process. As described by DDO founder Kylstrem:

So Pact is chosen first in Warlock, then Alignment but no warning
If new character is choosing an alignment that is incompatible with Feat.
Come on, Turbine… couldn’t even pop-up a warning during character creation on this.
I probably should have read more closely, but didn’t even think about that when TRing, and I’ve been playing since 2006.
And guess, what? Warlock can’t buy an Alignment change… so I guess get to be Fey whether I wanted to or not.


Later, it was pointed out that feat swapping (even the pact feat) is possible using Fred the mindflayer, but still the alignment restrictions apply and, again according to Kylstrem:

Alignment change is now purchasable… I was trying to purchase before talking to Jeets.
But that’s still $5 to fix a mistake made from bad design.

But no worries, Turbine to the rescue!

According to Tolero, this coupon is valid till at least July 5, although she indicates it could be extended if needed.

So there you go. A free alignment change, for any one of your characters, Warlock or not.

And you didn’t even have to buy any tires.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Fred is still hungry… so hungry.

  2. I’m a Monk. I also need a coupon for Balancing. πŸ™‚

  3. I tried switching my pact feat at Fred, but I was unable to… πŸ™

    • If you had taken any “down-stream” feats (one that is dependent on having the pact feat first), you would need to swap *those* feats first, THEN the pact feat (like any other “chain of feats”).

      For instance, if you wanted to swap out “Dodge”, but you also have “Spring attack” (which is dependent on “Mobility”, which itself is dependent on “Dodge”), you would first need to get rid of “Spring Attack” and “Mobility” before you could swap out “Dodge”.

      Maybe that’s why?

      Of course, as someone else pointed out, if it’s a brand-new character, not a TR, you can just delete and start over…

    • Sadly, the feat swap is only really helpful if you find out that you need to while you are still 1st level. Once you’ve leveled you get additional feats based on your pact, and that locks you in.

      Sorry. πŸ™

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