Jul 132015

The Halfling Commandos are Caught int he Web
Elminster added nothing of value, as always

They started out such babies.

Our Tuesday Night guild night group, once called “Heroic night” because all of the characters we played on Tuesday were heroics, now all (mostly) grown up and running level 24 raids.

We never intended to create a semi-static group on Tuesdays. It just sort of happened that way. Two players joined our guild at the same time, Samtumal and Zyinniah, who play together in a variety of guilds and servers. Like all new Halfling Commandos, we wanted to get chances to run with them except:

  • They only played with us on Tuesday. Every Tuesday, without fail, but no other nights
  • They were only level 4
  • They have a flower-sniffy playstyle that is the opposite of our usual pell-mell race to the finish

Meanwhile the rest of us are capped and have been for years. For awhile, we just blithely played along on our own while Sam and Zyinn played along on their own, but we noticed that they never seemed to get above 4th level. And there was the ever-present desire to play with the new guys. So eventually we all rolled up newbies and joined them.

From then on, every Tuesday night we’d gather on our level 4s and attack whatever quest that Sam and Zyin had not previously run. And there were a lot of them, even though these are long-time players, they are seriously flower-sniffy and had never seen many, many quests.

And something strange happened (or at least something strange for Sam and Zyin): characters leveled. Suddenly they were 5th level! And then 8th. And then 15th. And then 20th. And now, all these Tuesdays later, they are level 24-25 and ready to take on Lolth.

Heroic Night had already transformed into Epic Saga night, but now it would be Raid night too!

I’ve run the raid Caught in the Web several times on several characters, but I don’t know it. Another of our guildies, Jon, does know it but he has mic problems and declines to lead. So I will have to do. Jon writes out instructions for me, while my Gamer Girl opens up the wiki, and we forge ahead. Nine Commandos leaving room for three PUG players.

We had PUG luck too, getting a nice couple who both know the raid very well, and a third character who was a great contributor as well. No one tried to steamroll the group or take over, everyone let the players who’d never run the raid have fun. One of them kept sending me /Tells asking if he was killing too many things and should share more. But no, he was doing fine, and our flower-sniffy companions were able to sniff as many flowers as one can in a raid where the main tactic is to run a lot.

I want to especially call out the PUG player Maella, who volunteered for the job of escorting Ana, the least fun yet most critical job in the whole quest. Thank you again for your Ana-shepharding expertise, Mealla!

And so off we go, me reading instructions at what I hope are the appropriate times, my Gamer Girl pitching in with things I ought to say, and the veterans chiming in helpfully now and then as well. The group was not well-led, but it was thoroughly-led, and on Epic Normal we had very little trouble. Really no trouble, other than the confusion of bringing about half a dozen players who’d never run the raid.

Nonetheless, victory! And looting. And a surprising number of named loot drops.

Level 24 raids. On Tuesday night! Our babies are all grown up.

We were all new once
Seeing things for the first time
Novices no more

We will be continuing on our saga-driven path, but now we have an Epic raid we can run when so inclined. Soon enough we will have another, The Fall of Truth, but at the rate we are playing, that is probably a couple of months away. Still, it seems we will get there.

Caught in the Web. With our Tuesday night group!

Will wonders never cease?!

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  1. Hi, this is Zynn. Very true, and thanks. Both for being so friendly and for making us feel so welcome in your guild. Like you, I like the DDO halflings and sought out the Halfling Commandos for that reason. I’m very happy to be a part of the guild.

    By the way, thanks to learning from you all how to keep the momentum going in a group, one of our other static groups now have characters in the 18-19 range and our group is already talking about what we are going to do when we hit 20 and turn epic. There is another guy in that static group (who has been around for years) and has never done any epic quests. We took him (and the group) through the Weloon series. Quite impressive for an entire static group of flower sniffers.

  2. Sniff. Sniff. All growed up!!! It was a great night even if mostly all I could see were Lloth’s breasts from my viewpoint behind the rock.

  3. Congrats on the journey!

  4. Hey guys. Sounds like a really fun time on Tuesdays. DDO is a great game when players play to each other’s level of expertise so newer players can join the ranks of the experienced.

    But always remember: dwarves are twice the size of halflings. Bigger is better.

  5. Heya Hazel!

    Glad ya found a good home. Still remember those very early days covering your back as you tip-toed through… was it Waterworks?

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