Sep 182011

Sometimes,Turbine messes up.

– shocked silence –

Sarcasm aside, even with all those skilled people and all those great intentions and all that planning and testing, sometimes, things don’t go the way they should.

When they do, people take it personally. I know I did, for a few hours, when I was once banned by accident, even though it was along with hundreds of other people.

Maybe it is a side-effect of whatever it is that lets us spend so many hours in the game in the first place. We love the game, knowing that it can never really love us back. Someday the game will end, not on our terms but on someone else, the servers will stop serving, and we will be left alone to find the next several-hundred-hour pastime/hobby/obsession.

So we scour the game constantly, not just the game but also the game trappings (forum, news, guild chat, etc) searching for signs that it is worthy of our love and attention, seeking affirmation but also hyper-sensitive to any suggestion that no, it is just a business and we are just customers.

I can’t describe the letdown I felt when I was banned. Intellectually, I knew it had to be some kind of mistake and I would be reinstated, but emotionally I faced a real abyss: all that time and attention, taken away on a corporate whim.

And so it is for many who are on the wrong end of a Turbine blunder, it is seen as something personal, not just a corporate misjudgement.

The eye-attacking vision blaster known as the new Vitals bar UI appears to be another such blunder. I can’t speak for everyone, but the clerics in my guild are taking it very personally.

And yet, history shows, when Turbine makes a blunder, they correct them. Not just the Mabar mass bannings, but also, remember the Super Rewards “offer wall”?

And now we can add the Vitals bar changes to the list. Turbine is working on changes to address the pain the new UI is causing amongst our healing compatriots. And thank the gamer gods for that. My favorite part? The dev underlined “so far” when discussing the changes they are making… there are more to come!

No word on when they will be available, or if they will be in a patch or included in the next update, but the changes are coming.

It is just a business. And I am just a customer. But so far, Turbine has shown itself to be a worthy recipient of my fervent brand loyalty.

Unrequited love
Is that our relationship?
Turbine, love us back!

And they do. For now. And that will have to be good enough.

Here’s a toast to the Turbine business/geoffhanna customer relationship: may it live long and prosper.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Here, here!
    {And a Star Trek reference, FTW!}

  2. Huzzah! Well said.

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