Dec 302010

My poor completionist Mawry has been so ignored the past few months. But not this week!

The image is Mawry, now halfway through life four, this time as a rangery-warchantery Bard. If she looks determined, hey, she has to be, she still has eight more complete lives to go.

I can’t stay on her 24/7. Partly because I have alts that I like to play too, but mainly because running her up to cap only to start over begins to feel like a grind pretty quickly. I have to take breaks from the XP treadmill.

Sometimes they are long breaks.

But at last it is Mawry’s turn again. I have the whole week off and I am getting her at least one level every day.

Even so, she will only be 13th level with the really hard ones still to come. But in some ways the high levels are easier; there are more groups available.

Twelve hours a day (or more), seven days in the week… hey no one said completionism would be easy. Or fun. Or something I would ever consider doing again.

Ever 🙂

What do you think?

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