Aug 052014

Dungeons & Dragons Online Latest NewsIt is not a Turbine product, and it’s not really much of an app. Yet, it does exist. All it purports to do is to tie together the Youtube and Twitter feeds from Turbine’s official DDO channels in one single place.

In reality, it only appears to repeat the YouTube channel material but maybe … nah, I am trying to be kind. That is all it appears to actually do.

And yet, again, there it is, a DDO app right there in the Windows App store, ready for free download and use. Which is kind of cool.

I wish it was something really useful, like Ron’s character planner, or JJFlannigan’s searchable item database, or best of all, an official Turbine inventory management app. But it is not, instead it is a feed accumulator that does not appear to actually accumulate more than one feed.

The App listing in detail
The App listing in detail

The App listing in detail
The App, running

The author, Simpuhl, has 55 apps in the store. All of them look identical to the DDO app, consolidating related feeds into one downloadable source. All of them are about games too, Marvel Heros or TERA or Club Penguin or whatever, and DDO is right there alongside all of the rest.

Which by itself is kind of cool.

So there you have it, an actual, true-to-life, honest-to-goodness DDO Windows Store app. More or less. Even if more on the less side and less on the more side.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I have a whole batch of DDO apps I’d like to write – but I’m lazy :-/

  2. Yeah, that inventory management app would REALLY be great.

  3. I agree, an inventory app would be really nice…

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