Jun 272014

2440 Trades! Ai Yi Yi.
Working on an Endless Flask of Trading

I can never remember. Are they “Endless” Flasks of Rum? Or “Bottomless”?

Crystal Cove is back. Or as it is more popularly known, “the island of pirate ditties that get permanently stuck in your head”.

No really, that’s what we call it.


But I digress. This isn’t about those pernicious few notes that once heard, cannot be dislodged from one’s brain short of unconsciousness. No, this is about another endless attribute of the Crystal Cove: the Bottomless Flask of Rum.

Or Endless Flask, depending on which way I happen to think about it at the time.

We’ve had a lot of chances at Crystal Cove; it is a popular event, and has been brought out by Turbine at frequent if irregular intervals since it was first introduced in February 2011. We’ve had four years to build whatever armors, weapons and devices we want. And we have. Many, many times.

In 2013, Turbine introduced a new type of reward item to the cove, the Bottomless Flask of Rum, containing one use of the Heal spell* that recharges every five minutes. Heal is handy; who doesn’t need a free Heal that can be used by anyone, even non-casters, even when Raged?

* Apparently it is not really Heal since it does not seem to cure stat loss or certain other effects

I earned one Flask, but only one, back when they were introduced. They are difficult, you start with a near-useless version that casts Cure Light Wounds once, and have to upgrade it ten times, starting with the lowest-grade Crystal Cove gems and ending with copious amounts of the very highest-level gems.

Oh, and many of the Dragonshards that one may earn by successfully completing the Crystal Cove challenge.

Here is the total list of ingredients needed to complete one Bottomless Flask:

  • 700 Copper Doubloons
  • 3750 Silver Doubloons
  • 3000 Gold Doubloons
  • 30 Stolen Alabasters
  • 30 Stolen Pyrites
  • 45 Stolen Ambers
  • 45 Stolen Obsidians
  • 130 Stolen Amethysts
  • 130 Stolen Topaz
  • 160 Stolen Rubies
  • 160 Stolen Sapphires
  • 180 Stolen Diamonds
  • 180 Stolen Emeralds
  • 215 Stolen Star Rubies
  • 215 Stolen Star Sapphires
  • 5500 Dragonshards

One does not need to actually collect all of those different kinds of gems. Euphonia’s Barter Box allows you to trade down gems; one Star Sapphire can be traded down into one Diamond. The Diamond can be traded down to a Ruby. A Ruby can become an Amethyst. An Amethyst can become an Obsidian. And finally, Obsidian becomes Alabaster. There is a second trading-down path that allows you to turn a Star Ruby into a Pyrite.

If you are like me, you may have a large stock of the higher-level gems from previous Crystal Cove events. It is tempting to ignore the lower-level gems and just crunch down some of what you already have.

And it works too. But there is a cost. Each Pyrite or Alabaster takes five trades, and you need 60 of them. Each Amber or Obsidian requires four trades and you need 90 of them. 3X260 trades produces your quota of Amethyst/Topaz, 2×320 Rubies/Sapphires, 360 Diamonds/Emeralds. That is a total of 2,440 trades. Not clicks mind you, trades. Meaning you will have extra clicks to open and close bags, and barter windows, and etc.

2,440 transactions with the barter UI. Ai yi yi.

You will also need to get those 5,500 Dragonshards. If you average 300 shards per Cove entry, that is 18 Cove entries. And 300 is a pretty good average; my Gamer Girl and I average more like 200 per entry, but we are running it duo. This event is the rare quest that rewards those who bring a larger party.

But for us, 27 entries. And then the 2,440 trades.

And there you have it. The correct phrase is definitely “Endless”. Each fully-upgraded flask represents a llllooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg process. Seemingly endless. And it is not at all bottomless, in fact sometimes if feels like it is completely full of ass, and nothing but.

Or nothing butt.

Important enough to justify a place of honor on Mawry's hotbars
The Flask is so useful it earns a place of honor on Mawry’s hotbars

Nonetheless, much like birthing children is rumored to be, once the event ends and you have the flask, you forget the pain, and simply enjoy how nice it is to be able to throw a Heal on yourself when you need it the most, regardless of your mana state or where you are looking or whatever. Fast heal, right when you need it.

So nice.

In fact, it is so nice that I need another one for my other character. And my other character. And …

Yes. Endless. Definitely.

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I love eternal/bottomless/endless things!

    I wonder if it works with the dwarven Iron Stomach Enhancement, which I recently discovered on a new dwarf life I rolled up, I though my days of swigging rum were over, nope.

  2. I think they *should* have made this an “exclusive” item, seeing as how it is BtC and all flasks share the same timer. I mean, yes, I bought (2) of them when they first came out and upgraded one to see how they reacted and the second one was a waste of material (because of the whole ‘shared timer’ nonsense). If they were BtA, like all the other cove loot, then, OK – no problem, but BtC? Yeah, don’t bother buying more than one.

    • I have considered making the different tiers (well, every 2nd tier), for when my character(s) are different levels…

      • Yeah, except you can readily get pots of CLW, CMW, and CSW, and they have much (much, much, MUCH) shorter timers on them. But maybe I’m missing something…

        • You’re totally missing my addiction, and my compulsive collecting!

          – There is also the fact that the upgraded flasks have a caster level 1 higher than vendor potions.

          – And they don’t disappear when you use them (saving me so much copper!!!).

          – And they are on a different cooldown to normal potions, so … drink 2 potions within those 3s, could save your life!

          – And … and, and, and… !

          OK, I got nothing.

  3. Oh! And the fully upgraded flask is (supposed to be, anyway) a full heal AND full (greater?) restoration, all-in-one. I still have lots (and lots, and lots, and lots, and…) of green shards to acquire…

  4. I’m not even close to building one of these things, lol. Too busy trying to build the other stuff ๐Ÿ˜›

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