Jan 312013

Oh the horrifying shame of it all

One can do many embarrassing things in DDO. I know because I’ve already done most of them. Silly deaths, forgetting equipment, getting banished, being generally bad at the game … you name it, I’ve done it.
For most of them, more than once. For some of them, way more than once.

But nothing compares to the potential embarrassment involved in having private chat channels. Because one has to be careful to ensure that one is typing in the correct channel. And I am not known for being careful.

This is the worst, the very worst. Someone sends you a private /TELL. You respond. Except, you did not respond in a /TELL, you just responded in party chat. Or guild chat. Or general chat. Somewhere that is not private.

The potential embarrassment is limited only by the depth of the topics you choose to discuss in private channels.

Sometimes, I am getting guild chat, I am getting tells, I am reading \Advice and/or \Trade, I have a conversation on our Commandos guild channel, and my Gamer Girl and I are talking in our own private channel. That is a lot of conversations to keep separate. Sometimes I don’t do so as well as I should.

Like last night.

My slip was not the worst possible, I didn’t name anyone, my topic was not horrifying, and no one but the one I was talking with would have known what I meant. But still. There I go. Again.

This is not just something that only happens to me. So embarrassing. It just makes me want to shrivel up and hide.

When I do it, embarrassing. But when other people do it, it’s often funny! Not always, some spills are so bad they make everyone feel guilty for having read them, but most have a high humor potential. My guild used to respond to obvious private channel gaffes with our own made-up fakes, partly to cover the embarrassment of the gaffer but mainly because we think we are hilarious:

  • It’s cool, I have lots of Ritalin
  • Lower, bigger circles
  • No, no, bring your mom too. She’s hot

Thanks to everyone else who has provided so many humor opportunities with their own chat spills over the years.

Horrid or funny?
That all depends on whether
you are the screw-up

Apologies to my guildmate with whom I was chatting when I spilled channels last night. You know who you are and I’m sorry. Apologies to everyone else I have done this to over the years.

In any situation where someone has to be the screw-up, it is a safe assumption that it will generally be me. Usually. So there’s that. In a way I am making the world a safer and more funny place for you all.

In a way.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Been there, mischat that.

    Also, I want that chartreuse armor. πŸ˜€

  2. In our guild its a particular brand of humor, the fake miss type. Such as.

    /g Ya, I can’t believe he things that armor looks good on him either.

  3. So many mistells, so many embarrassing moments. I keep MT’ing into guild chat or party chat talking about me trading 5 of my pants for 2 bananas, or “using” the tortillas in our “rituals”.

    I find it really silly lol.

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