Oct 192009

Strongest Halfling In the World! Chelena is a 32-point Barbarian/Fighter front-line meleer with maximized STR.

Chelena was built when there were only 12 levels available and one could use them to earn Critical Rage II. This also means she hasn’t been able to reset her enhancements since … mod 4?… but she considers this a small price to pay for a maul that crits on 17-20.

She has since added Kensai (Maul) and will be adding rogue for evasion and sneak attack but also to top off her skills.

Her primary weapon is a Maul of Elemental Mastery created when we were all trying to figure out how crafting worked. She should probably upgrade but never seems to get around to it.

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  1. I love your character profiles. Complete with sideshow poster! Love it. =D

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