Jul 022015

The World's Largest of Everything

Something magical happened during Update 26. Something completely unintentional but nonetheless awesome.

Floating head effect icons (for lack of a better term) changed to be variably-sized by the size of the target showing the effect.

Hmmm that is awkwardly worded. Let me try again. You know how icons show up over NPCs heads when they can give quests? Or when you cast spells on them? Or when they save from your spells or resist them? Yes, that is what I mean, those icons and effects.

Except now, ever since Update 26, they scale in size. And in some cases are quite enormous, especially on larger creatures like giants, and spiders of unusual size.

The issue was noticed right away, especially the static effects like quest-giver goblets, ranging from normal-sized to humongous. According to Cordovan:

This is a halo bug related to the warlock aura of all things. Will be fixed soon.

But I hope not. I am loving the effect.

Level-drain a bad guy and you may get a purple “woo-woo” effect that fills the room. Run to the end of a monster leash and you may get a hexagon the size of a small truck. Hit a guy with some sort of flame effect and watch him give off a conflagration.

And so many more examples, generally fleeting and hard to capture but all magical. Here, let me share:

The World's Largest Phantasmal Killer
The World’s Largest Phantasmal Killer


The World's Largest Charm Monster
The World’s Largest Charm Monster


The World's Largest Eladar's Electric Surge
The World’s Largest Eladar’s Electric Surge

That last one is my favorite. It is quite lovely in person.

I hope they never change this. Never.

If you need something to do, Turbine developers, go fix the mouse wheel bug, but leave this one alone. This one, this one we like.

Or at least, I do.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. totally agree–it is random visual fun

  2. It’s like the bunny-hopping giants in the GH public area. Some “bugs” are so cool they should never be fixed.

    (Uh, Turbine, the mouse wheel bug is NOT cool, so please DO fix that one.)

  3. this post isnt about the extra large graphics, its a cleverly disguised “turbine fix the mouse wheel bug” post!

  4. I noticed it with the /lfb and /lfh icons shrinking… Or least on my halflings, I love the cute little broccoli =)

    (Also, yes please, at least find out what’s causing the mouse wheel bug. Even if you can’t fix it, tell Bob how to avoid it!)

  5. Great visual effects. What don’t they worry able the NPCs with string table errors? Now THAT ruins the game for me.

  6. Mega dittos

  7. I haven’t quite noticed this bug as of yet but my guidlie has been complaining about the chalices over the heads of the quest givers in Gianthold since Update 26. I didn’t know this effected other icons as well, interesting.

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