Feb 222017

A quick recap of my week at trying to solo the Tower of Frost on Hard, at level, with a first-life Druid who has a rogue splash for reasons.*

* Probably vanity. She is based on a tabletop character and it is always more important to me to translate characters accurately rather making the best min/max decisions.

Now that I am coming up on my fifth attempt, it seems like it ought to mean something. Not just another snapshot of dead me and my soul stone. After all, this is the fifth, and according to wikipedia, the fifth is the Wood anniversary. Unless you are modern in which case it is flatware. As much as I would like to forking finish this quest, it is most certainly not modern. What can I bring that is wooden?

I already have a shield, although I only wear it when turtling up. What else is wooden? Barkskin?

Sure. How arbitrary and capricious. Because it is the fifth attempt I am going to start using Barkskin. Nothing says success like the addition of second-level buff to your spell list.

Probably the more important adjustment happened yesterday, when I spent some time understanding the new monster champions. Knowledge isn’t really an “adjustment”, but still.

Regardless, I’ve already decided on barkskin, and … wait, where is barkskin?


Oh my I really haven’t been playing this character, have I? Look at all those missing spell slots. Important ones too, like Protection from Elements for the living chain lightning, and Deathward for the living Disintegrates. How could I have not noticed I was missing so much?

No wonder I am dying.

Let’s fix those gaps and try again.


This time I will have proper buffs on when I confront the living spells.


Skein too


The living spells were no problem at all this time


Score! The first time any loot came of my efforts


Compared to the living spells, the frost giants were easy


This is something very much like loot except worse


The fifth time was the charm, and all can go about their lives happy and fulfilled. It would have been nice if I’d noticed what I was missing earlier, but the fact is that I just don’t play that much any more and things that would have been second nature to me even as recently as a year ago now require me to pay attention and rack my brain.

I don’t see the Tower of Frost as a farming candidate, although it does have a nice necklace that I would like very much. It takes too long and uses resources.

But this was a fun exercise, I like this quest, a lot! And I enjoyed figuring out how to defeat it solo.

A worthy adversary, but one that was humbled by the determination of one Halfling (along with the correct selection of spells).

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. thanks for sharing!

  2. The tower has been beaten, hurray!
    We ran this quest yesterday with the guild, with our lvl 12-16 chars on elite. Missing someone to cast deathward, some of us (me) died many a times to the living disintegrate mobs.
    But in the end we won and a guildy pulled the necklace in the endchest. It went up for a roll (it’s a guild run, we share!) D100 and i accidentally rolled a 100 (yay!). Nice necklace is now mine, i’ll wear it with dignity πŸ™‚

  3. Don’t forget about the rune arm that (literally, in the virtual world) shoots BOOKS! That’s a cool item, too.

    • My rather ungaming Girl laughs when I am using the book shooter. It’s quite nice to beat things by “dropping some knowledge” on them. πŸ™‚

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